Outdoor Signs for Schools in Kuwait

Outdoor Signs for Schools in Kuwait

Outdoor Signs for Schools in Kuwait

School sign is a vast category comprising of wide variety of interior and exterior signs. Get to know more about outdoor signs for schools in Kuwait in this article.

Character Outdoor School Notice Board

Important information, schedules, announcements and date sheets are displayed on school notice boards. It connects the staff and students and makes the whole teaching and learning process smooth and convenient. Although notice board is a thing of common use but usually art teacher is responsible for decorating it and making it visually attractive for students and visitors. Alhafiz Co. specializes in manufacturing character outdoor school notice board using variety of materials and printing techniques. We can create different characters and shapes with Styrofoam for outdoor school notice boards.

LED Signs and Letter Signs for Schools

Outdoor school signs need to be vibrant, dynamic and communicative. They make the first impression on the visitors. Alhafiz Co. is one of the leading manufacturers of LED signs and letter signs for schools. Our programmable LED signs can be created with custom text and message in variety of colors. Instead of static boards, LED signs offer engagement and distinctiveness. Letter signs can be created by intricately cutting wood, acrylic and metal into alphabets. These alphabets are then put together as words to create letter signs for schools.

Digital Outdoor LED Billboards & Signs

Schools need to market themselves like any other business entity. Digital outdoor LED billboards and signs make it easier for schools to announce new admission openings, information about new courses, job opening and several other reasons. Alhafiz Co. specializes in designing and creation of digital outdoor LED billboards to help schools convey their message out loud and clear.

School Banners and Signs

Whether it is a fun fair, science exhibition, sports gala or cultural fair, banners and signs come in handy to display various messages across campus. Alhafiz Co. offers premium quality flex banner printing for schools, colleges and universities in Kuwait. Pole banners, large format banners, ceiling banners, backdrop banners and teardrop banners, we print banners of all kinds in custom sizes and dimensions.

School Roll up Banners

Interior and exterior school signs need to be dynamic and colorful to engage children. Alhafiz Co. offers school roll up banners for a variety of school events. These roll up banners are available in 85cmx200cm and 120cmx200cm but can be custom made in required dimensions. Our premium quality roll up banners are durable and look great outside and inside. With smart placement of text and images, we can create school roll up banners to convey message in a comprehensive and effective way.

Alhafiz Co. offers superior quality customized signage, digital printing and binding services in Kuwait. We are one of the leading manufacturers of outdoor signs for schools in Kuwait. For further information about the service we offer for schools, visit our website.