5 ways to celebrate Hala Festival in Kuwait

Hala Festival in Kuwait

5 ways to celebrate Hala Festival in Kuwait

Festivals are an expressive way to celebrate historic moments, cultural or traditional events and other unforgettable moments. February is one of the most important and colorful month in Kuwait because of the Hala Festival that highlights the National and Liberation Day falling on 25th and 26th of the month. It is the best time to enjoy outdoor activities with patriotism and devotion. The following list reveals some fun; exciting refreshing ways Kuwait commemorates their Liberation and National day.

Decorating homes, Buildings and shopping malls and streets:

The Impact and influence of the proper decoration cannot be denied. A good decoration reflects love and association of a person, a group or a community with a certain event. In the month of February with respect to the glorious festival; different streets, bungalows, buildings and shopping malls are decorated with the country’s flag, lights and fresh seasonal flowers giving the sight of welcoming the Hala festival in an attractive way. If you are planning to adorn your home, shop or street in a very unique and colorful manner then internet could be a better option for digging out the best decoration ideas. You can also put your idea into customization for your different decoration items and walls.


Wearing national color dress shows the sense of patriotism.  Hala Feb is the most awaited day for the Kuwaiti people. This festival is probably marked by wearing some colorful, immersed in history and specific to country’s special event costume along with painting of national flag on faces. Most of the people like to customize their own design shirts with the country’s flag or quotation on it which shows harmony and affiliation with their motherland. Different companies also customize their company’s shirts for their employees and clients with the sweet touch of Hala February theme.



Different events are organized every year in February including winter bazaars, concerts, musical nights, food festivals, concert parade, cultural tour, local community festivals, desert camps and many more. People around the country participate in these events with their families and friends. They enjoy themselves by shopping, eating delicious foods, fireworks, patriotic music and so on. This packs the weekend of everyone with fun, excitement and lot of benefits. You can also enjoy yourself by taking part in different events but you have to decide how to prepare yourself for the event to would like to go first.


On this special occasion you will be amazed to see such a big discount on almost every outlet including costumes, footwear, books, food stalls, mobile phones and other electronic items. This occasion is special not only for the Kuwaiti people but also for the tourists visited Kuwait around the world because they can also entertain themselves by taking benefits from these gigantic discount offers and also getting involve in Hala February festival  going around the country.


People always find a good reason to give a gift to their loved ones. Hala Feb is the best time to treat your loved ones with amazing gifts. Normal items are easily available in market but finding the unique gift that is not common and easily available in market is really a difficult task. You can customize your own gift that will help you to bring uniqueness to your present. Many companies also go for customization on different sorts of items for giveaways and to gift their employees or clients too.

There are different printing companies. You can choose the best renowned company for customization and personalization.  It will help different brands to promote their business and build a healthy relationship between company, employees and clients. AL-Hafiz is well-renowned one stop shop in Kuwait that offer exclusive printing designs on any item.

Celebrate this Hala Festival in patriotic way by wearing customized T-shirts, bags, batches, bands and by decorating your house, streets, shopping malls with beautiful printed banners, posters, flags and other printed items. Spread the happiness around the country by outclasses giveaways and gifts for your near and dear ones.

Al-Hafiz wishes everyone a happy and prosperous National and Liberation Day and wish to make your Hala Festival memorable.