Kuwait Custom Hats & Caps

Custom Hats & Caps

Kuwait Custom Hats & Caps

Caps and hats are part of fashion which shows personal expressions. These headgears come in vast varieties and are used for different purposes serving from personal need to professional need. There might be not a better way to showcase your company logo or team identity with custom caps. These custom caps can also help your employees to stand apart from the bulk of other people in trade shows or any other giant event or occasion. Al-Hafiz is the best customization service provider in Kuwait. We have a large collection of hats and caps for customization. You can also bring your own cap or hat as per your need and requirement and we will customize it for you.

 Custom Caps

With the increase in the market, the competition between different companies is also increased. Different companies use different marketing strategies in order to keep themselves at the highest position in the marketing race. Companies are now more dependent on promotional items in which caps are one of the frequently used promotional items. We deal with a wide range of promotional products. To touch the different target markets, different styles of caps are used. The selection of the color and images is kept under consideration while customizing the caps for the promotional purpose. We use different techniques for customization including heat transfer technique, embroidery, sublimation, vinyl printing, and silk screen printing.

 Caps with Heat Transfer Paper      

Al-Hafiz uses a special transfer paper, which is printed as spot color ink. You can choose from several colors without incurring any extra charges for custom ink mixing. Our company is continuously persisting with high-quality material to promote our client’s business with our well-established control system. We offer the highest yield of best quality heat transfer paper and best printability for any sort of caps.

Caps with Embroidered Logo

Embroidery is one of the most creative crafts of decorating fabric or other materials using thread and needle. This technique is done with highly professional and creative hands. A logo made with embroidery gives a unique and powerful impact on the eye of the customer. We are proud to say that we have a team of creative staff who makes every product which is fine workmanship. Our high technology and state-of-art machinery will help you to embellish your beautiful logo and name on the surface of the fabricated cap.

Promotional Hats

You have seen customized caps a lot of time but the trend is now shifted to the promotional hats. Now companies use different styles of hats for giveaways and other promotional purposes. These hats look very charming on the head of the wearer. You can use hats with logo and company name for the trade show, hotels, concerts, fun gala, family festivals or any other thematic event. We are here for you to convert your simple hats into the promotional hats.

Sports Caps

In the hot summer, it is difficult to play a match without wearing caps. Caps help the sportsman to save their eyes from sharp rays of the sun and help them to concentrate on their match. A good cap can boost your personality as a perfect sportsman and can increase your performance on the warm summer day. Keeping in view the importance of sports caps, Al-Hafiz steps into a bulk of customization techniques to provide you best embellished, sublimated, silkscreen, and spangle printed caps. Now you can order a large assortment of caps with unique artwork, design, and photos.