Traffic signs and symbols

Traffic signs and symbols Builders in Kuwait

Signs are meant to be read from top to bottom. Signs and symbols are a form of words, gestures or visual image which is used to convey a message to a viewer for example “P” written on the board indicates towards the parking area while an arrow indicates the direction. It is widely believed that these traffic signs and symbols have a tremendous effect on road safety as they help people to save them from accidents and inconvenience. These traffic signs and symbols come in vast varieties depending on their needs and demands. Al-Hafiz co. is the best traffic sign and symbol of providers in Kuwait. We are manufacturers of different outdoor as well as indoor signs boards.

Speed Limit Signs

Speed limit signs are often seen on the roads which show some specific numbers in order to decrease or increase the speed limit of the moving vehicles. These speed limit signs save the life of people by avoiding accidents by lessening the speed of fast-moving cars and other transports.  Al-Hafiz is the best sign of manufacturers in Kuwait. Our speed limit signs are built with amazing quality material which gives an eye-catching look to the viewer. Speed limits signs come in different sizes depending upon the need and demand.

Zebra Crossing Sign

Zebra crossing signs are commonly used to regulate, warn, and guide road users. It is an important sign for both pedestrians and drivers as it indicates towards the pedestrian crossing the road or pedestrian waiting to cross the road. A zebra crossing sign should be bright enough so that it can be seen easily by the drivers from the distance and help to decrease the speed limit to avoid any type of accident or other injuries. We make a vast variety of signs including zebra crossing signs. Our signs are bright in colors and can grab the eyes of the people easily by its attractive texture and color contrast from a distance.

Car Parking Signs and Boards

Car parking signs are used in many places either it is a parking place outside the shopping malls, offices or any other private or governmental place.  It aids people to park their vehicle in the right place. Al-Hafiz is known for its tremendous services in Kuwait. We are equipped with large machinery to manufacture any kind of signboards, meeting the needs of our clients. You can order any size of signboard and we will prepare it for you by keeping the best quality of material in mind.

Right Turn split signs

Right turn split signs indicate that your lane is splitting off into two separate directions. This sign consists of two arrows, one heading straight while the other showing the right turn of the road. This sign helps the drivers to follow the road safety rules. We are here to provide you the standard signs with weather resistance colors and material. These signs are long-lasting and also cost-effective.

 Traffic Signs in Kuwait

Knowing the traffic sign meaning and purpose is very necessary for every citizen. It helps to regulate the traffic rules and regulations. Traffic signs should be simple enough so that it can be understood by everyone around. We have a large variety of traffic signs which can be made on orders. Our professional team will help you to make any type of traffic sign with their expertise in sign making.