Ramadan souvenirs suppliers

Ramadan souvenirs suppliers in Kuwait

Are you waiting for Ramadan? We are also waiting for Ramadan and started our preparations for celebrating this month with diligence. With the arrival of this month the demand for souvenirs are also increased so this year we have done our customization preparation on special Ramadan souvenirs for our clients all over Kuwait. We have large machinery to deal with any kind of product. Our service includes customization on Ramadan T-shirts, Ramadan tea coaster, Islamic calligraphic frames, Quran boxes, Wooden and metallic Girgian, Ramadan calendars, glass frames, Ramadan special keepsakes, Special mugs, Customized wall clocks, Ramadan badges, Gold plated and wooden decorative accessories and so on. Our customers can customize any products from us.

Customized acrylic Quran box

For Muslims, the Quran is the most important source of authority. Quran should be protected from dust and dirt by keeping in wrapped in fabric or the box. You can present a gift of Quran box to your loved ones. We have state-of-art machinery for manufacturing Quran boxes with different materials including acrylic Quran box, wooden beautifully engraved Quran box, printed cardboard Quran box, metal, and silver-plated Quran box. You can customize Quran boxes by adding details and design as per your interest and demand. Quran in the customized boxes is one of the best gifts for Muslims especially for the people sitting in itikaf, visiting someone on iftaar, wedding anniversary, gift on arrival of newly born babies and many other occasions. You can also appreciate your kids on their first fast or on completing the Quran for the first time.

Makkah customized clock:

Al-Hafiz Co. is one of the market leaders in Kuwait for top-quality customization services. We use a variety of techniques to turn ordinary products into unique items. We have a vast collection of clocks designs. You can choose one from us or you can also bring your own design. Customized Makkah Clock is one of the awesome decoration pieces for your room, guest room or the TV lounge. Our Makkah designed clock comes in good quality material and perfect colors. Our professionals work hard to bring the piece of ordinary art into a unique piece. You can also use it as a giveaway product or can gift your employees and clients this Ramadan.

Customize Girgian sweet bags in Kuwait

Girgian is a part of the Gulf region (Kuwait) which is celebrated on the 13th, 14th and 15th of Ramadan. Nationals of Kuwait celebrate it by organizing different Ramadan events, aftar parties and distributing girgian bags consisting of eatable items like nuts, sweets, and toys. Nowadays Girgian is slowly becoming more and more commercialized with grand public events at public places and Malls. You can also promote your business by these customized Girgian bags with the company logo from us.

Ramadan custom Girgian box:

We have unique customized and personalized items for every occasion either it is Hala February, Ramadan or ‘Eid; we dig out our best collection for people all over Kuwait. Ramadan custom Girgian box is one of them. You can customize Girgian boxes for girgian treat for kids. Big companies usually prepare a huge number of special Girgian packages to be given away to children while some organize parties for them too. This is a special time to promote your product through these Girgian boxes. Now you can order a huge assortment of girgian boxes with your company logo and name on it from Al-Hafiz co.

Ramadan festival souvenir printing

Souvenirs play a vital role in people’s life. They allow people to preserve their memory in the form of a memento. Souvenirs are bought for keepsake and to give as a gift to friends and family. With the upcoming month of Ramadan, Al-Hafiz co. is gearing up to provide the esteemed clients with premium quality services and products. Our special Ramadan souvenirs are manufactured keeping in mind functionality, durability and outclass finishing. This special Ramadan souvenir can be taken as a gift while going on iftaar party or can be kept in homes as a decoration piece. We provide printing service on Ramadan badges, Ramadan T-shirts, Special Ramadan frames, Ramadan themed wall clocks, Ramadan Mugs, Glass frames, Ramadan Tea coasters, and many other products. Now you can do customization on ant item you want.

Gold plated Ramadan Kareem Souvenirs:

Gifts are meant to convey sentiments and honor the recipient. The gift does not require a special occasion rather it’s a way to increase harmony between people. Gold plated Ramadan Kareem souvenirs are one of a type of gift that comes from the heart. It shows the respect and importance you keep for others in Ramadan. We have special gold plated techniques that give the product a long-lasting and finishing effect. You can get a huge assortment of special gold plate Ramadan Kareem products for giveaways, home decoration and gifting purpose. Our gold plated products includes Gold plated Quran bookmark, Gold plated metal Ramadan greeting, gold plated Ramadan keychains, gold plated Ramadan nameplates, gold plated table reservation, gold plated dua car hanger and other gold plated Ramadan Kareem souvenirs. We have state-of-art machinery and a team of high professionals that will add a beautiful finishing and eye-catching effect to your product.

Woodcraft souvenir Ramadan:

Al-Hafiz aims at finding all high-quality products that our customers deserve directly from their sources. If you are still in doubt what kind of gift to take with you for iftaar dinner host, or present your family, friends or neighbor in the spirit of Ramadan, then wooden craft souvenir can be the best option for you. We have a large collection of wooden items ranging from wall decorative accessories to personal use items. You can do customization to make it a unique style gift for your relatives and friends.