Indoor Signs and Outdoor Signage Design services

Indoor Signs and Outdoor Signage Design services

Al-Hafiz is your one-stop-shop for indoor and outdoor signage to fit your preference. We specialize in crafty & attractive customized signage. We own a team of trained professionals that will help you select the best-suited signage for your business requirements, and give it a polished look. We use a vast variety of materials like wood, brass, metal, steel, and acrylic and state-of-the-art laser cutting and engraving methods for manufacturing signage of any type.

Office sign and signage:

Living in an evolving world where everything is to be glamorous, surely tells one the importance of Office Signs & Signage! From being organized to how professional a company is, any sign that has been designed for your needs must be able to play two roles: –
• Captivates the onlooker,
• Simultaneously, it delivers the message.

Al-Hafiz is the main printing hub in Kuwait where you can meet all of your signage requirements under one roof. You can make different signage for your office from promotional sign to informational sign with exquisite finishing.

Factories sign and signage:

Factories Signs & Signage are very significant. For the labor — it should be encouraging, yet, it should ensure good health and safety practices. signs are a medium of communication and information, it is mandatory that the employers consider all risks, and how they should be dealt with. Precisely, proper signage in the workplace is what makes the employees comfortable. Hence, all-important signs should be installed anywhere which could be a potential hazard, so that every life is safe (whether it is an industrial factory or any other).

By keeping into consideration the increasing demand for signage we offer a vast variety of signage for all sorts of businesses. You can get your signage done from us with highly competitive accuracy and finesse.

Restaurant Signage Design:

When talking about Restaurant Signage design, it is vital to check whether that very sign is inviting or not? Whether it is visually exciting or it! Because most customers love and prefer to dine out in a lavish hotel, signs undoubtedly should not be ignored. Commencing from weekly specials for amazing discounts, it is noticeable when businesses put in effort in the shape of digital signage. Verily in today’s competitive market, this would serve to accomplish three things: –
• improves branding
• minimizes perceived wait time
• ease for the customer to know about exit or toilet.

Al-Hafiz can manufacture signboard products completely customized to your requirements.

School sign and signage:

Analyzing from the perspective of a child, educational animations being audiovisual tools are a cosmopolitan language that a child would speak. Scientific studies have shown how quickly they respond to a picture than a word. That is why when it comes to School Signs & Signage – it’s essential that what they see has warmth in it, its friendly to look at and how colorful or fun it is!

Reception sign:

Public signage like road, and traffic signs, gender identification signs on bathroom stalls, chemical hazard signs are an unspoken universal language understood by all nationalities. Likewise, much thought should be put in for Reception signs, so that, the client gets nothing less than good vibes, and a positive atmosphere! It could be said that a clear sign mounted on the wall behind your reception desk can tell a lot about your company. Not to forget a plus point that a smart sign with all the necessary information would really