Laser engraving promotional items in Kuwait

Laser engraving promotional items

Any of your belonging with a laser engraving will not just be precious if it is a special gift, but also it would be a sweet memory which you can cherish for as long as you use it. We as top-notch companies are dealing with a gigantic variety of engraved products ranging from personal to promotional items. You can promote your products by taking our engraving service on any sort of wood, steel, or acrylic material.

Laser Engraved Presentation Shield

During an award function, winners are to be rewarded with a splendid Laser Engraved Presentation Shield. While crafting such shields, your logo can be incorporated on that brushed effect of silver finish. The plate can be mounted onto a rosewood colored material with any shape of your desire.

Al-Hafiz is equipped with the latest CNC machines, Laser engravers with years of expertise to produces laser engraved wooden, metallic and acrylic products.

Engraved phone case

Teens adore the idea of the engraved phone case. That is why its demand is increasing amongst youth. Because a phone case is arguably vital to protect your mobile, a little information at the back might work in your favor on an unfortunate day! Not to forget that the material utilized to fashion the phone case would be phenomenal, hence it will not let anything happen to the delicate screen of your phone!

Al-Hafiz by keeping in mind the new trends of designed phone cases offers laser engraving with outclass finish and finesse. Now you can innovate your old boring case into beautifully crafted phone cases.

Engraved Pens

Whether your son is graduating, or your daughter is getting married, Engraved Pens would surely be a thoughtful present that they would love to use with fond memories. Nevertheless, if you want to market your brand or product, giving free engraved pens can be a very interesting concept. We feel happy to serve our clients by giving them printing and engraving services in the most effective manner. Our engraving includes laser engraving on metal pens, engraving on wooden pens, etc.

Laser Engraved USB Flash Drive

Those who are passionate about gadgets would love a possession such as this!

Laser Engraved USB Flash Drive may not just be necessary for your personal use but those who work with new gadgets every day – this could truly help them label each USB. For photographers, this may assist them in keeping all the data safe in alphabetical order!

You can choose USB flash drives from us or bring your own for crafting a logo, image, or message on USB flash drive.

Laser engraved stainless steel water bottles

Whether your little one has just started pre-school or if you tend to lose your bottle at work, Laser engraved stainless steel water bottles can aid you because even if it’s misplaced, somebody might bring it back to you!

 Our laser engraving on water bottles with finishing not only provides an aesthetically pleasing solution but is also permanent. Each custom stainless steel water bottle will be precisely laser-engraved, creating a permanently sharp image of your logo or company name.

Custom Laser Engraved Key chains

The best part about Custom Laser Engraved Key chains that not just you can get your names or initials on it, but it might help you remember which key set is for which room or which locker. Extremely beneficial for people running guest houses, small hotels, and apartments because a bunch of keys is confusing which leads to nothing but wastage of time! By keeping into consideration its importance for every home, you can use it as a promotional product too by engraving company name and logo. Make your brand stay fresh and hold the mind of your receiver with custom key chains. Grab elegant and unique engraved Keyrings for the lowest price from Al-Hafiz co.