Corporate to stay safe amid COVID-19

Product ideas to help SME’s and Corporate to stay safe amid COVID-19

The impact of epidemic disease, COVID-19, is being noticed around the globe. We believe we are more reliable when we work mutually. All we need is to take is the necessary actions to keep ourselves, our employees, customers, and other people around us safe from this contagious virus. Al-Hafiz is offering some product ideas to help SME’s and corporate to stay safe from COVID-19.


Covid-19 Corona Virus Awareness Posters 


This is a very critical time for most businesses both big and small all around the world. Most of the businesses are concerned about how to communicate productively with their customers. Using marketing tact’s can be advantageous when you have to deal with a large number of audience. Coronavirus posters are not just a great informational tool for businesses, but to educate, inform, aware, and motivate everyone around you as well. You can make posters with awareness messages about Coronavirus and encourage people to follow SOP’s to make themselves shielded from this virus.


Covid-19 Safety Floor Graphics


As businesses are opening after strict lockdown due to an epidemic virus, companies must be combat-ready to execute meaningful changes to their physical workspaces to build a harmless atmosphere for employees and visitants. Print your graphics on adhesive vinyl to get convenient, easy to apply, stickers for walls or floors from Al-Hafiz co.


COVID-COVID-19 Social Distancing Floor Graphics


We have a comprehensive variety of printed adhesive vinyl for floor graphics to help people to keep a social distance and provide them with the essential information. We have a creative team of employees who design consistently stunning floor graphics for your shops, offices, public waiting area, banks, hospitals, and other organizations.


Social Distancing Signs and Floor Graphics


Standard Precautions should be used for all people around the world. People are making use of common-sense practices and personal shielding equipment that protect from infection and prevent the spread of coronavirus from an infected person to a normal person. Other than these equipment’s it is important to keep social distancing in order to stop the spreading of coronavirus. We are working as a one-stop-shop for providing a great deal of signage and floor graphics. You can order social distancing signs and easy to stick floor graphics to help people maintaining distance.


COVID-19 Social Distancing Floor Decals & Floor Graphics


At Al-Hafiz co. you can add special COVID-19 signage, advertising, or imagery to the floor of your business, home, or event. Choose durable material that is ideal for both outdoor and indoor use. Your message about social distancing will be seen by anyone who walks by. Our floor decals are large, slip-resistant, and can easily be applied or removed and all surfaces. Our decals and floor stickers are scuff resistant, so your custom floor decals can withstand anything.


COVID-19 Social Distancing Corporate Wallpaper


Amidst these sensitive times, you do not have a lot of options to tackle the situation efficiently. Create an inspiring, brand-strengthening work environment by keeping social distancing under the concentration with custom wall murals and wallpapers. This could be effective if properly customized and installed. A simple and customizable solution, wallpaper murals can be used to boost employee morale, productivity, and branding. Choose from our selection of curated images or personalize your mural with a logo or company values.


Stay Home Stay Safe Covid-19 Posters


Spread your message of ‘’stay home, stay safe’’ with our high-quality poster printingYou can print posters on a broad selection of sizes & paper options ranging from A0 to A5, from matte, glossy, or metallic paper types. Matte will not easily tarnish over time, while glossy and metallic paper types are sure to add gleam and enhance the vigorous colors in your poster. These posters are ideal for walls, doors, windows, notice boards, and more.


Coronavirus Safety Tips & Precautions brochure


In this sensitive time, it is very essential to provide safety tips and precautionary measures tricks to people through print media. Brochures play a vital role in this regard. We are providing printed brochures in different sizes to help you out in the successful delivery of safety tips to the general audience.


COVID-19 Awareness Flyer


The coronavirus crisis is prompting many questions, including what it means for people in Kuwait. You can use communication tools to help people find answers to their questions. Flyers with awareness messages are a powerful tool to communicate with a large number of audience and provide them with information which meets all the confusions and questions in their minds. We have a great assortment of flyers from A0 to A5 size with a glossy or matte finish.