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Customize Wall Paper Theme: Ideas Amid Covid-19

Jul 9, 2020 Copy Center by admin

The living and workspace is the physical embodiment of all your goals, ideas, and passions. You spend time in these spaces planning, working, and living life to the fullest! It is no surprise then, that you wish them to be the most comfortable and elegant looking places. The printed wallpaper can help you enhance your new space or renovate your space into a comfortable working atmosphere. We deal in a broad variety of wallpapers including digitally printed wallpapers, embossed wallpapers (embossed wall murals, Gold embossed metallic wallpaper, 4D embossed wallpapers) and many more.

Stay Home Wallpapers Stay safe wallpapers

Following the dramatic events of the last few months due to coronavirus, the country is now leading towards the normal condition. To prevent the further spread of the COVID-19 virus, which has already put the entire country’s healthcare system under pressure, it is important to take proper precautionary measures to prevent this epidemic disease permanently. Al-hafiz is offering wide assortment of wallpapers for homes, offices, hospitals, marts, and so on. You can customize your ‘stay home, stay safe wallpapers’ to keep people reminding about this deadly virus.

Coronavirus custom Themes & COVID-19 Wallpaper printing

Al-Hafiz can print and install digitally printed wallpaper with any printed image you want on it! This can transform your wall into a beautiful full-color digital print. Our wallpapers are perfect for the home, the office or wider commercial use, we print high-resolution images onto a range of different wallpapers. You can design your wallpaper according to customized coronavirus theme or add any public service message to an aware audience about COVID-19. We offer digitally printed wallpapers and embossed wallpapers along with installation service.

COVID 19 awareness Wallpapers for Hotel Rooms

Wallpapers are becoming increasingly popular in the home, at work, or even in hotel rooms. You simply pick your image or design and let us do the rest. Al-Hafiz Co. has the finest collection of digital printed and embossed wallpapers in Kuwait to help you transform your homes or hotel rooms. We print wallpapers with eye-catching patterns, bright colors, and durable finish which makes them perfect for any setting. Bring your design of wallpaper with awareness message for the walls of your hotel or let us help you in generating design and content for wallpaper.

Bedroom COVID 19 awareness wallpapers

 Al-Hafiz offers an excellent solution for printable wall coverings, including retail and leisure, exhibition and home decor purposes, magnifying presentation of your wall. Our customized wallpapers are created by our creative design team in tune with the newest trends. The textured weave finish provides an attractive exterior without lamination and gives a highly vigorous print image. We also allow easy styling and clean trouble-free installation. Order wallpapers with COVID-19 theme along with the awareness message for your room walls to educate your children about this Virus.

COVID 19 awareness message wallpapers for office

Create an impression with our custom printed wallpaper that will add a class backdrop to your exhibition, retail, leisure, home, or market space. Our super high-definition custom wallpaper printing will bring any space to life and can be personalized with your work. With over 25 years’ experience, we only use the most advanced printing technology to generate extraordinary image quality on all our custom wallpaper products. From small spaces to large scale printing, we can produce our custom wallpaper to suit your requirements.

COVID 19 awareness wallpapers for hospital

Hospital is a place for receiving medical or remedial care, usually as an inpatient. Reducing apprehension among patients can be as easy as providing an atmosphere that makes them feel comfortable and relax. Set a calming tone and help patients relax through décor by installing a wallpaper. Our self-adhesive custom wallpaper is easy to fit, for a sleek, expert finish. Our wallpaper is perfect for small to large-scale printing and has a beautiful texture. You can add information about COVID-19 to aware patients and their attendees about the epidemic disease.