hotel signs

Hotel sign and signage- interior and exterior

In the world of business, signage is considered as one of the oldest and most marketing tool. The signage has been a part of the hotel industry for many years. Correct information to visitors in hotels plays a requisite role in presenting a positive impact of the hotel. People always wanted to get engage with hotels having appropriate information which empowers a strong relationship between the guest and the management. Al-Hafiz as one-stop-shop made its name in the industry of signage by providing the best signage solutions to clients all over Kuwait. Our signage includes both interior signage as well as exterior signage. We can produce signs made out of wood, brass, metal, steel, and acrylic using state of the art laser cutting and engraving methods.

Hotel exterior and interior signage

Hotels and signage meet together with the endless mutually beneficial possibilities. Excellent signage improves customer service, drives incremental profit, increases traffic to your hotel, and delivers intensified guest experiences. We provide signage for the interior and exterior of your business. We are experts in providing signage services for your visual presentation. You have an idea and we know how to design, formulate, install, and maintain your signage with an optimum level of perfection.

Moreover, you can order Hotel sign with raised letters throughout various areas of the hotels, such as in lobbies, hallways, elevators, floors, and outside of meeting rooms, increases engagement and gives guests a memorable experience during their stay.

Hotel way-finding signage

Whether your guests are waiting in the lobby or moving in the hotel, signage can make their time easy by providing them with a better hotel experience. We serve our clients by providing the best wayfinding signage to inform people of the surroundings in an unfamiliar build environment and to show information at strategic points to guide people in the right direction.

Hotel door signage

Hotel signs play a pivotal role in directing traffic and assuring guests get to their proper destination. Show guests the way with room numbers and custom hotel signs that highlight a personalized message. Our wide range of door signs can find signs tailored for all your hotel’s needs. Our in-house sign manufacturing facility allows you to furnish your hotel with one-of-a-kind signs that match branding and greet guests with a unique message. Our signage includes wooden engraved signs, laser engraved number plate, acrylic hotel room sign, and many more.

Customized sticker for food counter

Food stickers do something more than just identifying your product. They give all the knowledge to customers before they purchase your food. You can customize your stickers for the food counter so that every detail is clear and distinct for a person visiting your food counter.

Our food counter stickers are:

  •  waterproof vinyl or film
  • Self-Adhesive can be stick to any surface
  • Available in a variety of shapes and sizes
  • Shiny and high-gloss coatings or an elegant matte finish.

Restaurants Hotel menu promotion signs

You have a lot of options when it comes to promotional signage. Sleek, custom, decorative signage can turn your hotel branding and special menu discount offers into a creative design element that complements both your space and your brand. The design options for the interior, decorative signs, reception signs, and food countersigns are endless. Al-Hafiz Designer’s team knows the correct use of colors, fonts, content, and placement of promotional signs that are stylish and in line with your brand. Inform your guests about food discounted deals, and menu promotions with our modified signage services.