schools and universities

Signage for schools and universities:

Are your school signs dull and outmoded? If yes, then get an updated and uniquely build signage for your schools and universities from Al-Hafiz Co. As we know that school signs are greatly important because they are part of your institution’s image and marketing. Educational institutes like schools and universities rely on useful signage to help create an inspiring and safe learning environment. We provide signage services for schools and universities like promotional signs, way-finding signs, informational signs, and many more.

Schools and universities promotional signage:

Schools and universities signage are usually overlooked by comparison to corporate signage and compared to other fields where signage is regularly used. The signage in schools and universities is no less important because it plays an essential part not only inside but also outside the building. Educational institute signage is the perfect choice for high impact advertisements. Perfectly designed and well-maintained signage can be used to build a professional and welcoming environment for both the students and their parents and help to promote schools and universities by engaging more people in the institute. Al-Hafiz offers various internal and external signage solutions including cost-effective and updated promotional school signs that are customized to promote your schools’ image.

Schools and universities Policy signs

Policies are essential because they help schools or universities establish rules and procedures and create standards of quality for learning and safety. We can professionally help you to design your school policy signs using your ideas and information using your artwork. Our team of professionals can incorporate your school colors into the signs, whilst working closely with the school to ensure your School Sign meets with your requirements.

Schools and universities Crosswalk signage:

School warning signs and school crosswalk signs are important elements of a safe route to school programs. They crosswalk signs need to be maintained and kept clear. From building the school’s and university’s reputation as an educational institution to ensuring that everyone can safely find their way to their educational institute and to make it easier for students with their vision to navigate by eliminating the situation of accident or harm. We have custom-tailored signs made of wood, brass, acrylic, metal, and fabric. You can customize signs as per your requirement.

Wood signs and plaque for universities and schools

Signs have extensive experience working with educational establishments and can offer informational and promotional outdoor and indoor signage. From main school signs, notice boards, information display boards, welcome signs to direction signs for new visitors, we have wide experience in creating wood signs and a handcrafted wooden plaque that will positively promote your institution’s identity. We’ve developed a range of sign solutions for schools, colleges, and universities, allowing for complete creative freedom and expression, to create a positive learning environment for students. As a leading designer and supplier of high-quality educational signage, we can transform your school corridors and create a welcoming and inspirational environment with wood signs and plaque which promotes learning among pupils.

Classroom signs, room signs:

Posters, banners, and digital signage help to update students and staff of events and happenings. The interior decor signs such as walls of the classroom, windows, doors, and floor graphics can design an educational-focused environment that encourages student’s minds and help them to focus on studies. Coupled with a suite of materials from aluminum to bronze, stainless steel to wood, acrylic to fabric, we can provide sign solutions to meet the needs of teachers and students alike. With over more than 20 years of experience in the graphics and signage services, our company with upholding a team that has provided our visual communication expertise to a diversity of businesses all over Kuwait. Whether it is for nurseries, schools, colleges, or universities we can design a sign in any particular color or font you prefer, encompassing a traditional or modern theme that will be incomparable to your institution.