Signage for banks and financial institutions

Signage for banks and financial institutions

Banks play an important role in economic support to the people who wanted to invest or save. When we think about banks and financial institutions, the first thing that arises in our mind is the ”customer’s satisfaction.” With the increasing number of competitors in the market, the customers see more good options which can offer them a better opportunity. To rise above the competition and customer expectations, it is important for a bank to always prioritize the customers’ experience.

Signage plays a vital role in delivering the right information at the right time. Al-Hafiz offers a variety of signage services for businesses all over Kuwait. With our interior to exterior signage, we deliver a wide assortment of signs with perfection.

 Lobby signage for banks

Keep your visitors occupied while they’re standing in queues or waiting in the lobby. Use digital signs for advertising, or for showing investment plans to your visitors. Influence your visitors with your services by using dynamic messages and influential content. In this way, your guest will be entertained with information, and their wait will seem to pass quickly.

Advertising signage for the bank

As banking services are growing broad and complex, advertising your product or service became more critical. Now, it is easy for you to develop the brand image, enhance the quality of customer experience, and produce an immediate return on investment. Besides printing material, Digital signage serves as one of the most effective advertisement tools. Through effective advertising signage, people can get to know a lot about your product or service. Now you can advertise your bank services by getting our printing and signage solutions.

Exterior signage for bank

Whenever we think about exterior signage, we need something that radiates the dedication of a successful company. 3D alphabets, logo signage, banners, and poster, LED light signs and building directory signs are the most attractive form of presenting your organization to the passers that will stand the test of time and shine bright for your business, 365 days a year. We can help you to select and install outdoor signs opportunity for effective branding and increases your brand credibility.   We have a wide collection of acrylic, wooden, metallic signboard, LED display signs, flags and banners, neon signboards, and many more. Our manufactured signs and building directories are up to the marks and meet all your requirements.

Interior signage for banks

Signage is the key to communication. Interior signage guides visitors and staff throughout your facility. Our experienced staff with skills in project management, design, and manufacturing can bring your brand into a new and lively look. We deliver wayfinding signs, 3D lettering, wooden engraved and acrylic cutting signs, floor graphics, window graphics, digital signage and so many more. Now you can get all sorts of interior signage under one roof.

LED bank opens/closed signs.

LED bank opens and closed signs can give an artistic and tasteful impression on your customers, guests, or any person visiting your bank. Our professional works together to come up with a masterpiece for their clients. We have got different materials, shapes, sizes, styles, colors, and finishing to create LED signs for you!

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