oil and gas industry signage

Kuwait oil and gas industry signage

In the oil and gas sector, there are multiple hazards and risks which a company have to face for their employees. Companies are responsible for employee’s safety when they work inside the factory or on-site. A lack of any kind of safety check might be as severe as shutting down the whole operation. Controlling these hazards is very crucial to prevent injuries and deaths. Therefore, along with the safety equipment, signage is very necessary for the awareness and safety of employees and other people.

Al-Hafiz as a top leading signage provider works for providing signage solutions to the oil and gas industry in Kuwait.

Oil and gas safety signs

While working in Oil and gas industries, there are equal chances for workers might expose to severe incidence which may result in injuries. These risks can be minimized by educating workers about the precautions by symbolizing injury signs and symptoms. To help our clients in removing these risks Al-Hafiz deals with massive amounts of signs including indoor and on-site signs. We are manufacturers of durable and weather-resistant signs for the harsh and rigid environment. Our services include safety and information signs for extraction and drilling sites, working site office signs, wayfinding signs, warning signs, promotional banners and posters and instructional boards, vehicle and machine signs, and many more.

Laser engraved metal tags

Whether it is your factory, office, or on a piece of equipment, signage is required for awareness and safety. We are equipped with state-of-art machinery to manufacture high-quality laser engraving on metals. Now you can help your employees to identify equipment and machinery at a glance by using laser engraved Metal Tags and nameplates.

Oil and gas industry interior signs

Signs are not just an attraction for your consumers but it also educates people. They’re pieces of useful information that make everyone’s life simpler. You can design interior signs for your gas and oil industry. We own a team of professionals that can provide you with any type of sign including wayfinding signs, floor graphics, wall graphics, neon signs, wooden and laser engraved signs, metal plates, and so on.

Oil and gas industry exterior signs

When you need eye-catching outdoor signage, Al-Hafiz is your go-to partner, for all of your signage solutions. To customize your sign to fit your demands, our professionals work within your brand guidelines, using your logos, fonts, and colors throughout your signage elements. Al-Hafiz provides professional business signs for interior, exteriorindustrial safety, vehicle decals, digital signboards, billboards, and more. Whether you need signage for business identification, promotional signage, or educational signs to inform your customers or employees we will create the perfect signage solution for all of your business needs.