COVID-19 Awareness Checklist

COVID-19 Awareness Checklist for Corporates and SMEs

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought an unprecedented change in how businesses operate today. While it has already had a significant impact on economic activity around the world, experts opine that the worst is yet to come. Amidst the new normal of social distancing, remote work, and self-quarantine, corporates and SMEs are looking to recoup their losses and adjust their business strategies in order to normalize operations in a post-Corona world.

With an aim to promote collective awareness and imbibe a sense of social responsibility, several corporates and SMEs plan to launch various initiatives as part of their COVID-19 awareness campaigns. This includes educating people about the risks associated with the disease, highlighting the steps necessary to limit the spread of this virus, and using various promotional tools (like decals, signages) and daily-use items (face masks, hand sanitizers, keychains etc).

To help step up the ongoing efforts against COVID-19, here is a handy checklist of the various ways corporates and SMEs can amplify awareness around the issue:

Protection Screens

As the new COVID-19 guidelines kick in and work crawls back to normalcy, it has become essential for offices to upgrade their furniture and equipment to ensure employee safety. Using such as standing desk guards, sneeze guards, desk and office partitions, and protective screen dividers go a long way in maintaining physical separation between employees while allowing a smooth flow of work.

Customized display stands

It has become more important than ever to stress on the need of social distancing, hygienic practices, remote working, and self-care. In the hustle-bustle of daily life, a timely reminder in the form of customized display stands and signages with appealing text and attractive designs can work wonders. Whatever be your choice of messaging – LED lights, wooden signs, acrylic cuts or printed banners – you can select from a variety of options that fit your business theme.

Customized floor graphics

Perhaps one of the best ways to encourage social distancing is by using customized floor graphics, such as decals, vinyl stickers, cutouts, and more. They catch your eye immediately, give you a physical sense of proportion in following the distancing guidelines, and don’t occupy any office space.

Customized gift items

There’s no better way to be reminded of the dangers posed by COVID-19 than using daily use items printed with awareness messages. A well-designed customized gift item, such as mugs, glass sets, flash drives, wrist bands, pens, or visiting cardholders can increase the visibility of your awareness campaign while serving as a utility tool for your employees.

Customized T-shirts

Whether it’s an event, a meme or anything related to pop culture, fancy T-shirts with witty sayings and humorous quotes are the first merch to appear on the market. But did you know that customized T-shirts with powerful, relevant communication can also act as a trigger for change? For instance, when your T-shirts have a smart one-liner about the need of maintaining physical distancing, any person around you immediately gets the message. Needless to say, it also acts as self-care!

Customized face masks

It goes without saying that face masks are one of the most affordable yet crucial ways to take preventative measures against COVID-19. With personalized face masks, you can protect yourself against dust, germs, pollution while making a social statement at the same time.

Customized no-touch keychain tools

In a normal scenario, keychains are used to carry a bunch of keys around. However, things have changed with COVID-19 and people now think twice before touching lift buttons, door handles and drawer knobs. To resolve this headache, a customized no-touch keychain can be utilized in numerous ways, without the need to come into physical contact with any object where the Coronavirus could survive. With these contactless keychains, you can easily go about your business and do your bit for COVID-19 awareness.

Hand sanitizer stands

Whether you are in charge of a large-scale corporate or running an SME, maintaining proper sanitation at your facility is a must. Gone are the days of having the odd bottle of hand sanitizer attached outside the cafeteria or washrooms – COVID-19 guidelines mandate proper setting up of hand sanitizer stands at various touch points (lift areas, reception, business lobby, meetings rooms) in your company premise. With state-of-the-art foot operated and automatic touchless hand sanitizer dispensers, you can easily ensure compliance to safety norms and raise COVID-19 awareness with your employees.

Customized badges

Badges can be used for different purposes – to make a style statement, stand up for a cause, and spread awareness about various issues. With customized badges on COVID-19, you can foster a sense of community and instill esprit de corps in your employees. These badges can be worn by employees while your company is conducting workshops and sessions on the dangers of the coronavirus and the necessary safety precautions one needs to take.

Conclusion: The internet is chock-full of information and resources around COVID-19. Every conceivable advice or tip can be found with the click of a mouse. However, people have a tendency to relate more with the tangible objects that they see and feel in their daily lives and routine. This handy checklist can help solidify efforts of corporates and SMEs in raising awareness about COVID-19 and ensure a healthy workspace for all their employees.