Different Types of Signage to Use in Advertising

5 Different Types of Signage to Use in Advertising

In this fast-paced world of today, promoting your business in various unique ways is key to get ahead of the competition. To enhance your brand visibility and target potential customers, businesses need to communicate their message in a clear, unique manner. One of the most oft-recommended ways to do this is by using signboards and signages for advertising.

Whether you want to create a buzz at a café with an attractive interior signage, or keen to display your business through an innovative exterior signage, you must have considered installing different signs to catch the eye of customers. The range of options are numerous – from blade signs outside commercial establishments, customized vehicle stickers to illuminated neon signs that evoke intrigue and curiosity.

To grab maximum eyeballs and entice consumers towards your business, here are the five different types of signages you should use in advertising:

#1 Interior Signages

Interior signages are typically installed inside shops, malls and cinemas. When placed at strategic points, they stand out with their eye-catching display – adding to the aesthetics of the building while also playing a crucial promotional role. With proper design and installation of high-quality interior signages, you can easily market your products and enhance your corporate branding.

#2 Exterior Signages

Make your business stand out in the crowd with an attractive exterior signage. Your logo and branding are the first thing people notice about your business is. A visually striking display can grab the attention of potential customers while a dull one does the opposite job. If you want to brighten up your presence in public, an exterior signage is definitely the way to go about it.

#3 Blade Signs

If you take a casual stroll in the nearby market, you will come across several ‘blade signs’ mounted on stores, buildings and at various other points for brand visibility and promotion. These blade signs are of different types e.g. illuminated and non-illuminated and printed with materials like aluminum and acrylic. A high-quality blade sign goes a long way in getting your business more eyeballs than a standard wall sign.

#4 Vehicle Graphics

Custom vehicle graphics and stickers are an innovative way to expand your business presence. Vehicles travel around different places and can throughout display your advertisements to casual and discerning consumers like a rolling billboard. There are various vehicles stickers you can opt for, like car wraps, auto decals and car magnets – you just need to decide which ones you should get customized!

#5 Neon Signs

Brighten up your business literally with a uniquely-designed neon sign! There’s no denying that neon signs add an extra flair to your business, especially during the night. You can use neon signs not only for external display but also to jazz up your interior spaces. Plus, the potential for customization is vast and they can be set up without any hassles.