Setting Up Banners at Trade Shows

4 Things to Consider Before Setting Up Banners at Trade Shows

There are numerous ways you can showcase your business at events like expos and trade shows. Among the most popular ones include the use of well-designed, highly appealing banners that can immediately catch the eye of attendees.

Banners are printed using colorful graphics and splashy colors and are a cost-effective way to create a strong brand presence, target the right customer segment and make a memorable impression on attendees.

If you’re exhibiting at a trade show, chances are you will be vying for the customer’s attention while competing with other equally eager businesses. If you plan, research and invest well, you can efficiently leverage banners to generate the maximum ROI for your business.

Here are a few things you should keep in mind:

#1 Strategically Place Your Banner for High Visibility

At large-scale events like trade shows, the venue is teeming with endless exhibitors who have set up their booths all over the place. There is a poster or banner staring at the audience at every nook and corner, and in such a scenario, it becomes important to stand out in the crowd. Much before the event begins, you should get in touch with the event organizer to place your banners at strategic points for maximum visibility.

#2 Study Your Audience

Know your audience before giving the go-ahead for banner printing. Depending on the type of exhibition or trade show you are participating in – B2B or B2C, analyze your demographics. Are you catering to young people or middle-aged and senior ones? Does your audience include college-goers or professionals? Do you expect the senior management and C-suite of different companies to turn up? Your banner should align with the aspirations of your audience and accordingly employ a professional or playful tone.

#3 The Banner Design Should Reflect Your Brand

Visualize this scenario at a trade show. People who haven’t ever heard about your brand will inevitably come across your banner and then form an opinion based on what the banner conveys to them. Thus, it is of paramount importance that your banner design should effectively reflect your brand, your core values, and complement your products and services. Your banner will be the first touchpoint for any prospect at the event and it’s crucial to make a significant impact to convert them into potential customers.

#4 Your Banner Should be Action-Driven

Your banner is not merely a promotional piece to drive customers to your booth, but an effective action-driven tool to drive your marketing strategy. When people read your banner, they should be able to connect to your brand, feel more informed and take decisive action. Your banner should include your company website, contact details and social media information. It’s also recommended to have a QR code that can immediately save the relevant company information onto the user’s device. So, if for some reason anyone is unable to visit your booth, they will have the option to connect with you after the event.