Amazing Ways to Celebrate 60th Kuwait National Day

7 Amazing Ways to Celebrate 60th Kuwait National Day 2021!

The Kuwaiti National Day on Feb 25 is one of the most popular and celebrated occasions in the country. It’s a day of national importance for all Kuwaitis who indulge in festive fervor to celebrate their nation’s independence, as well as to commemorate the coronation and death of Sheikh Abdullah Al-Salim Al-Sabah from the Al-Sabah family, who played a pivotal role in the attainment of liberty of Kuwait. The ‘Hala Feb’ festival also coincides with this day and millions of Kuwaitis throng and participate in cultural events, carnivals, shopping and raffles, adorning the green, red, black and white colors in their T-shirts, decorations, tote bags, banners and badges.

To mark these festivities in a grand manner befitting of a national celebration, one can explore various Hala Feb and Kuwaiti National Day gift products and merchandise. You can proudly display these items to show your patriotism towards the country as well as use them in home and commercial spaces.

If you are looking for some of the choicest Hala Feb and Kuwaiti National Day gift and promotion options, you can select from an interesting variety available on Al-Hafiz co. Here are the most popular ones:

#1 Kuwait National day T-shirt Flag

Celebrate Feb 25 with Kuwaiti National day T-shirts emblazoned in the national colors! To make an emphatic statement about the upcoming national day and increase the spirit and joy, premium-quality customized T-shirts with the Kuwaiti flag design are a fantastic way to do it. Affordable, stylish and a huge hit with the younger segment, a Kuwaiti national day t-shirt is one of the easiest and more popular ways to showcase national pride.

#2 Hala Feb Drop Down Flag Banner

There are different ways to celebrate Hala Feb and the Kuwaiti National day – through apparel like T-shirts, wrist bands, or gift items like tote bags and badges. But if as a business you really want to make a spectacular impact and declare with pride your solidarity and affection towards your nation, then Hala Feb drop down flag banners are a magnificent option to consider. The sight of the national flag in all its glory makes for an incredible view and is sure to get people thronging to your business.

#3 Hala Feb Pole Banners

Hoist the flag of Kuwait with immense pride atop a Hala Feb pole banner! The exuberance and vibrance of the celebration of a national festival like Hala Feb increases manifold when you see the national colors being displayed at every nook and corner, swaying in the air with fierce pride. Whether you get it for promotional purposes or just to express your festive joy, a Hala Feb pole banner makes for an excellent choice.

#4 Hala Feb Wristband

If you are looking for a funky, trendy yet cost-effective way to celebrate Hala Feb, then customized Hala Feb wrist bands should be on the top of your to-buy list. Created in different colors, fonts and designs with options to personalize them with company logos, names and messages, these wrist bands can be used for promotional purposes during the Hala Feb festival as well as used for identification at any cultural or business trade shows.

#5 National day Customized Tote Bag

Carry the colors and symbols of Kuwait everywhere with a Kuwaiti National Day customized tote bag! These fabric bags are designed and printed using advanced digital and screen printing, providing endless options to personalize the bag as you want with different logos and artwork. A must-have if you want to celebrate the National Liberation Day the right way!

#6 Hala Feb Customized Poster

Celebrate Hala Feb with posters of the nation’s colors in bright graphics and large text. These Hala Feb customized posters are a great way to catch the attention of onlookers at cultural events, trade shows or even for your usual marketing activities. Printed on high-quality, durable paper with immense detail to design and colors, Hala Feb customized posters can brighten up any event or commercial space.

#7 Kuwait National Day badges

Proudly wear your patriotism on your sleeve with attractive Kuwait National Day badges! These customized badges are available in different ranges, from metal ones with an epoxy finish and button badges to laser-cut, heat printed and acrylic options as well. With Kuwaiti National Day badges from Al-Hafiz, you can use them both for personal appearances as well as promotional use, showing your support for the nation.