4 Reasons Why You Should Refresh Your Brand in 2021

4 Reasons Why You Should Refresh Your Brand in 2021

The market is teeming with thousands of brands, all jostling for the attention of millions of consumers in local and international markets. As time whizzes by, the aspirations and perceptions of consumers change and so does the need for different brands to update themselves and sync themselves with modern market demands.

Some of the most popular industry names such as McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Mozilla Firefox, Instagram and other global behemoths have rebranded themselves to maintain a healthy and dynamic brand identity. It’s the same reason why many B2B and B2C companies, including those in Kuwait and the Middle East, aim to constantly evolve and refresh their brands to keep customer interest high and generate more traction.

A rebranded look includes an extensive redo of all the marketing materials like logos, colors, signages, posters, banners as well as digital channels like email, website and social media. With COVID-19 still nipping on the heels of various industries, many businesses are looking to overhaul their promotional campaigns with a new start.

Here are 4 compelling reasons why refreshing your brand should be among your top priorities in 2021:

Create a modern, consistent look

As the times change, so should your brand. The modern consumer is discerning and more aligned to branding and company values that resonate with their own personal convictions. An upgrade to a more contemporary style means you need to have an updated logo, colors and design that appeal to your audience. This also means working on your printed marketing materials such as brochures, letterheads and envelopes used for communication as well as social channels like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Reposition your brand

When you launch new products and services, you might find the older branding no longer relevant to your current and future business growth plan. In such a scenario you need to reposition and refresh your brand by upgrading your signages for exterior and interior spaces like lobby signs, wall graphics, window graphics and wayfinding signages to showcase a more consistent look.

Additionally, you would want to demonstrate the same consistency and quality associated with your brand through newly-designed trade show displays and exhibits at various business events.

Adapt to changing market needs

To maintain steady business growth, you need to explore new markets and expand your customer base. As the saying goes – “Change is the only constant” – it’s clear that sooner or later market trends would require you to be attuned with the changing behavioral patterns of your customers. The way you advertise your services and create a brand presence has a significant impact on your topline growth. At Al-Hafiz co., you can explore a wide range of services that can help you establish an impressive brand identity.

Set yourself apart from the competition

Amid a deluge of competition, including from new startups, it’s essential for your brand to stand apart from the rest by establishing a unique, innovative brand identity with a strong recall value and an appealing design. And especially in 2021 when companies are including more digital components in their marketing and branding strategies, it has become more important than ever to re-invent yourself to evoke interest and curiosity among your customers. Learn how you can revamp your professional brand identity through a multi-pronged approach with Al-Hafiz’s corporate branding services.