Calming Effect of Colors in Relieving Patient Stress

The Calming Effect of Colors in Relieving Patient Stress

The psychology of colors is one of the most enigmatic topics in marketing and branding. The different way colors affect and trigger emotions and moods, contributing to real changes in physiological reactions is something researchers have explored for years. For instance, this research focuses on the “link between color and psychological functioning in humans” while an earlier study by NASA examined the “contributions of the three dimensions of color (hue, saturation, and brightness or lightness) to responses to environmental colorations”.

Being one of the strongest factors influencing the aesthetical aspects of environmental design, the role of colors has also been extensively studied in providing a therapeutic effect in the healthcare sector. According to a 2016 study, colors were found to have a significant outcome in:

  • minimizing medical errors
  • promoting patient’s well-being
  • lowering stress
  • improving quality of sleep for patients
  • reducing the patient’s length of stay
  • reducing spatial disorientation
  • improving patient satisfaction
  • boosting staff morale and productivity

Many health practitioners swear by chromotherapy or ‘color medicine’ and its healing benefits. While the broader scientific community treats this field with a dose of skepticism due to lack of concrete, empirical evidence, chromotherapy traces its origin back to the ancient times in Egypt and India with Islamic scholars like Ibn Sina (Avicenna) stressing on its health benefits. The study has continued to the present times with renewed interest in determining the impact of colors not only in healthcare but also in marketing and promotional activities.

Let’s now understand which colors play an essential role in creating a calm and peaceful environment at healthcare facilities:

Yellow is a warm color signifying joy, happiness, comfort and brightness. They are more preferred for creative activities, for example, a children’s care facility. However, it should be avoided in waiting rooms where more muted and cool colors are recommended.

The Green color is considered healing, revitalizing, and has a soothing effect. In healthcare facilities, it is preferred to be used in the waiting areas as well as intensive care units where peace and concentration are required.

Colors associated with the sky and water, like Blue, can amplify awareness, improve productivity, and support a state of heightened focus. It is touted as another calming color that can alleviate pain, headaches and cramps and are often used in therapy rooms.

Apart from using these colors within the premises of the healthcare center, you can also use them for necessary signages like lobby signs, wayfinding and directional signboards, and wall graphics to create an overall cohesive look.

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