Brand Appeal with Acrylic Photo Frames

Create a More Delightful Brand Appeal with Acrylic Photo Frames

Décor plays an important part in the success of a brand. The more lively, delightful and joy-inducing the décor of your business space, the more positive environment it creates for people and adds to the recall value of your brand. A great way to amplify your office décor (or at home) is by using customized acrylic photo frames.

Acrylic, also known as plexiglass, provides numerous advantages on account of its light weight, flexibility, sturdiness and optical superiority, and is a fantastic option to showcase a company’s achievements, awards and team spirit. You can use its different customized variations like acrylic 3D frames and acrylic floating frames to create more versatile versions and amplify your brand’s appeal manifold.

Here are the different types of Acrylic Photo Frames you can consider for your brand:

  1. Acrylic 3D Frames

These frames are a wonderful way to showcase an image in a beautiful way. They are particularly useful when it comes to showcasing 3D images such as a product’s advertisement, a sports team’s logo and even a personal touch.

  1. Acrylic Floating Frames

Acrylic floating frames are a cool option to decorate your office space by displaying images and snaps in a beautiful way. Floating frames allow you to present an image on multiple surfaces such as walls, boards or any other flat surface. These frames can be customized and come in different sizes, shapes and designs.

  1. Acrylic Mobile Holder Frames

Acrylic mobile photos frames can be displayed on a mobile phone or tablet and make for a great addition to your office décor. These frames are budget-friendly, have an innovative design and can also be used with larger-sized mobile phones.

  1. Acrylic Frame with Calendar

Acrylic photo frames with a calendar are a gorgeous way to display the day and date at your workspace. These calendars fit seamlessly within your office environs and add an overall sophisticated look.

  1. Acrylic Frame with Sticker Print

These acrylic photo frames come with sticker print that allow you to personalize your brand with a phrase or the logo’s tagline, any awards that the company has received and even the emblems of the company. These types of stickers are inexpensive, easy to find and come in various colors and sizes. They add to the charm of your office décor without making a hole in your pocket.

  1. Acrylic Frame with UV Print

Acrylic and UV print is a perfect combination of flexibility and aesthetic appeal to complete your brand’s personality. A UV print is a suitable option for printing different sizes, and the UV ink can be easily removed and reused. They are easily available in a wide range of colors, very durable, and can be customized as per your needs.

  1. Acrylic LED Frame

As compared to traditional standard glass-based LED frames, acrylic light-emitting diode (LED) offers sharper contrast than its glass counterparts. Acrylic is ideal for displaying beautiful photos and images as it is safe and light weight. Furthermore, acrylic LED frames are very practical. They do not easily get scratched, especially if left on display for long hours. Apart from these benefits, acrylic LED frames with digital scrolling text can also be customized for marketing promotion and other activities.