Customized Ramadan Calendars 2021

Best Customized Ramadan Calendars 2021 with Suhoor and Iftar Timings

We all know Ramadan is a month of blessings, doing good deeds and focusing on self-reflection. This holy month brings joy and piety for Muslims all over the world, where they attain the pleasure of Allah and also to strengthen their relationship with their creator. With Ramadan on the horizon, it is necessary to get a calendar that helps us keep a track of the suhoor and iftar timings on a daily basis.

At Al-Hafiz. Co, we have a collection of the best customized Ramadan calendars for 2021 with suhoor and iftar timings to help you stay on the top of the things. You can use these calendars at your office or home for personal use or gift them to your loved ones, employees and colleagues so they never miss any prayers in this blessed month.

Here are the different Ramadan calendars you can consider:

Ramadan 2021 Prayer Times Calendar

Ramadan calendar with prayer times is the perfect gift to keep track of the different prayer timings as well as for suhoor and iftar. For all those Muslims who are religiously active during the blessed month of Ramadan, a customized Ramadan 2021 calendar is simply a must-have. You can showcase it in the living room where all members gather to break their fast and even in office cafeterias and personal spaces.

Ramadan Personalized Photo Calendar

Ramadan personalized photo calendar is a great way to showcase your different photos apart from displaying the suhoor and iftar timings during this important month. This Ramadan Calendar is not just handy to fulfill your religious obligations but also makes for an attractive centerpiece where anyone can quickly look up the day, date and timings for the entire month of Ramadan.

Personalized Ramadan Desk Calendar

Whether you are working from office or home, it’s good to keep tabs on the different prayer timings during Ramadan as well the times to break your fast and pre-dawn meal. With a beautiful, personalized Ramadan desk calendar, you will make sure you never miss on any important prayers and make this entire month more wholesome and fruitful.

Ramadan Wall Calendar

The Ramadan wall calendar from Al-Hafiz. Co is a popular calendar used by individuals and professionals during the holy month of Ramadan. Available in different designs and styles, you can use this calendar to keep track of prayer reminders, countdown, suhoor and iftar timings and a lot more during this month.

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