Best Personalized Traditional Ramadan Gifts in Kuwait

Get the Best Personalized Traditional Ramadan Gifts in Kuwait

The blessed month of Ramadan is just a few weeks away. It’s a divine month marked by fasting, empathy, compassion and purification of our souls. It’s also a month of sharing, spreading love and happiness, and instilling a spirit of brotherhood by visiting our relatives, friends and colleagues for iftar and dinner. During these visits, it is highly recommended to strengthen the familial and fraternal bonds by presenting your hosts with a thoughtful gift that will light up a smile on their faces.

But what kind of gifts should you consider so as to maintain the spirit of sharing during Ramadan while avoiding any wasteful, extravagant expenditure? At Al-Hafiz co., we have numerous traditional Ramadan gift options that would make perfect presents for your near and dear ones.

Here are some of the best ones:

Ramadan Greeting Card

Express the joy and peace that marks the holiest month of the Islamic calendar with a Ramadan greeting card. Customize it with traditional Islamic designs and motifs and gift it to your loved ones or even your colleagues and employees to express your gratitude and get their blessings.

Ramadan Hampers and Gift Basket

After fasting all-day long during Ramadan, people get together with their family, friends and relatives to break their fast with scrumptious iftar meals and exchange pleasantries. During these meetups, carrying along Ramadan hampers such as a gift basket with an assortment of delights like dates, chocolates and other delicacies is a great way to boost kinship and spread the joy of sharing.

Silk Screen Printed Girgian Bag (قرقيعان أكياس)

Girgian, celebrated on the 13th, 14th and 15th night of Ramadan as a cultural tradition in the Middle East, is a special time for all the kids observing Ramadan. During this time, kids are rewarded for fasting in Ramadan with gifts and treats. A silk screen printed Girgian bag with vibrant colors and designs makes for a delightful Ramadan gift, especially for little girls.

Ramadan T-shirts

The younger generation often looks for different ways to express pride about their religious affiliations and a trend that has increasingly become popular is by using Ramadan T-shirts with a customized greeting. It helps them develop a closer bond with this holy month and nurtures them into understanding the significance and blessings it brings.

Ramadan Acrylic Girgian Gift Boxes (علبة حلوى قرقيعان)

If you’re getting some Ramadan gifts to carry (or to receive!) then what better way than to use incredibly strong and sturdy Ramadan Acrylic gift boxes offered by Al-Hafiz. Available in transparent, yellow, mixed colors and digital printed designs, these gift boxes are perfect for a variety of Ramadan gifts.

Ramadan Calendar

During Ramadan, pious believers keep a regular count of the Ramadan days and time of iftaar and suhoor, so they can maximise their hours on worship and inner-reflection. To keep track of these days, a Ramadan calendar with all such details can make for a highly useful gift.

Customized Ramadan Mugs with Spoon

Drinking water, shakes and juices becomes the norm during Ramadan, when people also become eager to focus on their health and well-being. And then there are those who need their caffeine jolt and be wide awake for suhoor. Gifting customized Ramadan mugs with spoon to such friends and relatives itself becomes an act of gratitude and reward as it facilitates betterment of their fast.

Al-Hafiz co. offers a large variety of the choicest and delectable Ramadan gifts in Kuwait. Select your customized gift today!