Girgian Gift Boxes

Best Customized Girgian Gift Boxes You Can Get For Ramadan

The holy month of Ramadan is a special time of fasting and religious observance for Muslims around the world. In certain Gulf countries like Kuwait, this month becomes a long-awaited occasion for kids to celebrate Girgian, a three-day festival on the 13th, 14th and 15th days of Ramadan.

During Girgian, children get dressed in the choicest costumes and Kuwaiti national dresses, playfully prance around their neighborhoods or visit their relatives, singing Girgian songs in chorus. They are then gifted delightfully packaged Girgian gift boxes, which are designed in the shape of a traditional doll or resemble vintage Kuwaiti houses and filled with an assortment of nuts, sweets and toys.

In recent years, customized Girgian boxes have become immensely popular for the variety of attractive options they offer. Various businesses and corporates have taken the lead in organizing Girgian festivals at numerous public spaces, like malls and shopping complexes, and customized Girgian boxes play a big role in making these celebrations more appealing to kids and their families.

At Al-Hafiz co., you can find Girgian boxes designed and printed with different materials and for various needs. Whether you need a birthday party Girgian box or a branded one printed with a company logo, you can go for custom-made options that will surely fill kids with excitement and joy.

Some examples of popular customized Girgian boxes in Kuwait are:

Acrylic Laser Cut Girgian Boxes

Girgian boxes come in various shapes and sizes like doll-sized houses or quaint old buildings, and if you want high-end personalized boxes for your personal needs or corporate promotion strategy, acrylic laser cut Girgian boxes are a fabulous option to consider. They are long-lasting, extremely durable and can be molded into various designs as per your requirements with laser cutting technology.

 UV Printed Girgian Box

UV printed techniques are a very popular choice to create Girgian boxes of various colors and fonts. With a special UV coating, these boxes can be protected against smudges and stains while also allowing for cost-effective options to create lively patterns and designs that will enthuse the kids to no end. Whether you are looking for homemade celebrations or looking to gift Girgian boxes as part of your business strategy, there will always be an option to your desire with UV Girgian boxes.

Silk Screen Printed Girgian Box

Girgian boxes are also created using silk screen printed techniques. Silk screen printed boxes are an evergreen solution: they’re sturdy, stylish, and can be produced with a wide variety of designs. If you want to delight and enthrall kids with unique Girgian boxes, a silk screen printed one will surely meet your expectations in an elegant way.

Company Logo Printed Girgian Box

For branding and marketing activities, the Girgian festival is an opportune time to expand your business presence and earn goodwill. You can get your company logo printed onto the Girgian box as part of your gifting strategy and also include a small message indicating your thanks and signaling a token of appreciation for all people observing Ramadan and the kids celebrating Girgian.

Birthday Party Girgian Box

Girgian boxes can also be used for birthday party gifts. Their playful appeal is bound to elate all kids and the creative designs add to the extra flavor to the festive spirit marking a birthday. At Al-Hafiz co., we provide a wide range of birthday party Girgian boxes that can be personalized as per your request.

Girgian Favor Box

Planning a Girgian party? Get delightful Girgian favor boxes with pics of little boys and girls dressed in traditional Kuwaiti attire and fill them up with chocolates, snacks, candies, nuts and other goodies! The colorful designs and gorgeous colors used in these favor boxes will make the occasion a super special for your kids, creating joyful memories for life!