5 Graphics Printing and Installation Services for Schools in Kuwait

5 Graphics Printing and Installation Services for Schools in Kuwait

As life crawls back to normal in Kuwait, school are bracing to welcome students and teachers once again. To adhere to the official Covid-19 safety protocols and ensure a secure and sanitized environment, it’s necessary for schools to take the required steps by preparing the right graphics and banners. These graphics and banners can serve various purposes – from indicating the need to maintain physical distancing to communicating the important instructions to be followed as per the healthcare guidelines.

To serve all the needs for graphics printing and installation services at schools, Al-Hafiz co. provides unmatchable solutions using high-quality design and printing while ensuring efficient installation without any hassles. Here are some of the services we provide:

 Banner Installation Services for Schools

Get banners with the school logo or message printed on them and install them at various points within the school premises where they can be viewed easily by the staff and students.

Floor Graphics for School

Student activity centers, hallways and classrooms can all be adorned with floor graphics. Designing, printing and installing graphics is an effective way of communicating information quickly and clearly. Floor graphics are a great way of conveying information to a large crowd, and they have the added benefit of being easily visible from a distance. This makes them ideal for placing in mostly busy areas, such as corridors and entrances.

Vinyl Window Graphics for School

Vinyl window graphics are still for a number of promotional and educational purposes, and are often placed in schools. This is because they can withstand the wear and tear that children can inflict on them, and they can easily be wiped down and cleaned.

Exterior Vinyl Branding for School

Any school worth its salt knows that the exterior of the building is a great way to promote the institution and its brand. And there’s no better way to do that than through exterior vinyl branding that is versatile and cost-effective. To get the best promotional viny branding services for schools, connect with Al-Hafiz co. today.

Graphics Printing for School Vehicles

Your school’s message is key to representing the importance of an educational organization to the world. It’s your brand and when people see the logo and values communicated to them through exterior ads, like graphics on school vehicles, they feel inspired to be associated with it. To create such a powerful visual messaging, Al-Hafiz provides high-end graphics printing services at highly affordable prices.