Top Personalized School Banners to Promote Safety Awareness in Kuwait

Top Personalized School Banners to Promote Safety Awareness in Kuwait

As schools prepare to reopen in Kuwait, it is necessary to communicate the safety protocols and health measures related to COVID-19 as well as other important information to students and teachers. School banners are a great way to spread awareness about a variety of safety topics and are a simple and inexpensive way for schools to ensure health protocols are being followed diligently. Using these banners help disseminate relevant info easily as they are easily visible from different locations within the school premises, such as hallways, classrooms and open spaces.

Here is a list of different banners that can be used to support schools in Kuwait as they aim to welcome back students and teachers:

Covid 19 Awareness Banners for School

Schools can use COVID-19 awareness banners to inform teachers and students about the safety and health protocols to be followed in view of the pandemic. These banners can be customized with any color that is appropriate for the school environment and reflect the school’s logo along with the motto and the crucial messaging that highlights the dos and dont’s to be followed.

Full Color Printed PVC School Banners

In order to ensure that the banner is visible from all surrounding areas of the school, it is important that it is printed on full color vinyl. Furthermore, it is important that the picture of the school be a main image so that it will be highly visible, rather than have multiple pictures throughout the school. Once the banner has been printed, it should be given a coat of clear coat for a better result. Being a widely available material that is also economical to print on and highly durable, PVC banners have found applications in different fields in Kuwait for many years.

Printed Roller Banners for Schools

When considering new ways to get your school’s name in front of prospective students, have you considered printing a banner large enough to catch their eye from across the street or at different educational events? A printed roller banner is a great way to promote a school, highlight its achievements and provide the required info for students and interested parents.

Custom ‘Back to School’ Banners

When the school year starts after an extended holiday, it’s necessary to ensure that students feel motivated and enthusiastic about getting back to school. Bringing a sense of cheer back to the school by using a ‘back to school’ banner is a great way to make the first day of school successful. These ‘back to school’ banners can be designed in vibrant colors and bright fonts to create an immediate positive impact on the viewer.

School NO Parking Banners

‘No parking’ school banners can be easily printed in a variety of sizes and colors. On special occasions that see high footfall of people, such as school festivals and sports days, this type of banner makes it easy for schools to inform parents and visitors that they should not park on the grass and rather drive over to the sidewalk. By placing a NO PARKING BANNER in front of a school or in the school vicinity, schools can educate the public on the relevant directions to be followed while using their vehicles in a sensitive space.

Social Distancing Banners for School

In the post-COVID age, social distancing has become a necessary practice to reduce any risk of infection within the school premises. These banners can be put up in areas such as gymnasiums, in classrooms, around outdoor dining areas, as well as inside classrooms. The purpose of these banners is to discourage people from having physical and/or verbal interactions in closed spaces and ensure a safe and productive learning environment for everyone. Our design experts at Al-Hafiz can help create high-quality social distancing banners where the messages are prominently displayed with clear and crisp lettering, making them ideal for use in classrooms and in other spaces within the school.