Customized CNC Cutting Services

Best Customized CNC Cutting Services You Can Get in Kuwait

A CNC router is a cutting machine that is driven by a computer program to cut objects out of a variety of materials, based on the computerized image of the object to be created. The computer program is known as a CAD drawing, for Computer Aided Design, and is stored on the CNC router’s computer hard drive. The CNC router is capable of manufacturing parts which are accurate down to 1/20,000 of an inch. These routers find applications across numerous sectors, such as food procurement, transportation, government and aerospace, and are used to cut and engrave materials like wood, aluminum, steel, composites and plastic into complicated shapes and parts.

Being a sensitive and delicate process that requires extreme scrutiny and care, you should only trust reputed experts to get the best quality custom CNC router cutting services. At Al-Hafiz co., our CNC cutting services teams draw on their deep expertise and years of hands-on experience to create immaculate solutions to your satisfaction.

Here are some of the services we offer:

CNC wood routing services

CNC wood routing is a process that involves routing out a pattern on sheets of wood by means of a computer-operated cutting tool. It makes production of wooden furniture, wood panels, signboards, door carvings and much easier. At Al-Hafiz co, we combine the creativity of the design process with the precision of CNC technology to provide customized, high quality solutions for CNC wood routing. With our tools, we can create anything from custom signage to product prototypes.

CNC laser cutting services

This type of CNC router is majorly used for engraving and cutting metals and other materials like steel and aluminum. The main advantage of this type of cutting services is that they are very precise and can cut materials to the required dimensions. Being high-end expensive technology that requires proper training for use, Al-Hafiz co. employs the best experts who have been rigorously trained to work with CNC laser cutting services. CNC laser cutting is often combined with vacuum forming, and is often used to manufacture small products like medals, awards and insignias.

Metal and steel CNC cutting

CNC metal and steel cutting services are primarily used for manufacturing metallic applications. The metals that can be cut with CNC router include aluminum, copper, stainless steel, titanium, brass, and bronze. Since this process offers the capability to carve intricate designs on metal surfaces, it has quickly has become a popular tool for CNC router cutting services.

Ceramic tile CNC router

When CNC routers are used for ceramic cutting, the process involves cutting the head of a ceramic floor into individual pieces. These pieces are then brought to the pre-process room, where they are drilled or shaped with a chipping hammer. Ceramic tiles can also be cut into mosaic tiles using a different type of cutter head that is unique to this type of cutter. Undertaking this complex process requires expert hands with considerable practical experience, a service that Al-Hafiz is uniquely positioned to offer.

CNC Routers for Sign Making

Sign making has become a standard business activity across the globe, utilized to promote goods and services. Sign making services are primarily found in the retail sector, which is used to generate brand awareness and promote products of the seller. There are two types of sign making services which can be provided by a CNC router. The first is a traditional sign making service, where a letterpress machine is used for printing posters. The second is an edge laser cutting service, where a machine cuts directly on an object with a robotic arm. There are a number of varieties of signs that can be created with CNC routers, and the most common types include ads, signs, banners and banners which feature letters in the background.