Top School Safety Items Printing Solutions in Kuwait

With new variants of the coronavirus looming ahead and a global vaccination program underway, a challenging situation has come forth. School and academic institutions need to reopen in Kuwait, but the aftermath of Covid has made people more aware of what safety precautions are required. To ensure the safety of students, staff and other personnel, it is necessary to equip schools with awareness materials like posters and signages as well as items like sanitization stations, social distancing floor graphics and protective sneeze guard tables.

To address this need, Al-Hafiz co. has launched a special range of school safety items printing solutions to help schools and academic institutions prepare themselves and welcome back students and teachers for the new session. Here is a list of products you can consider:

 Awareness Messages Signages and Customized Banners for Schools

Health and safety awareness signages and banners are a critical form of communication which must be given the most consideration while preparing schools to reopen post the Covid lockdown.

There are many reasons why you would need healthcare signages in schools, from first aid to instructions about Covid precautions and protocols to emergency evacuation plans. These signages and banners can be customized in various ways to provide clear instructions and information to help students and staff stay safe in school.

Handwashing Instruction Posters for Schools

Handwashing is crucial for public health, and schools are a high-risk environment where children can come into contact with a lot of germs and bacteria that can lead to sickness. The use of handwashing instruction posters in schools can diminish the risk of infection among children. These posters should be placed near sinks to promote the idea of hand washing to students and staff members.

Social Distancing Instruction Floor Graphics for Schools

Social distancing instruction floor graphics are a great and easy way to tell students and staff to maintain the necessary distance required to disrupt the spread of infection and reduce the transmission of germs. Using bright colors and vibrant designs in these floor graphics can add a zestful vibe to the school while also serving a more serious purpose of health and safety.

Personalized School Masks

The use of personalized masks for school is a great way to promote a healthy lifestyle. Schools can make the masks available in their cafeteria, vending machine, or school store. The goal is to get kids into the habit of wearing their mask every day outside of school as well.

One might think that this would be an inconvenient thing to do, but it actually has many benefits. It prevents kids from getting sick by decreasing the number of germs they are exposed to and it also protects their lungs from colds and flu by helping them breathe easier.

Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Stand for school

The use of hand sanitizer dispenser stands at schools has become very common. They are seen as a necessity to combat the spread of germs. It is important for schools to distribute these dispensers in highly-frequented areas like bathrooms or cafeterias. Since the Covid lockdown was announced, schools have been looking to install various hand sanitizer dispenser stands to keep germs at bay and promote health habits through regular hand washing.

Protective Sneeze Guard table for school

Another important step schools can take to ensure students’ health and wellbeing is to provide protective sneeze guard tables that can create an adequate barrier between students sitting at opposite sides. These tables can be used in classrooms, libraries and laboratories to reduce the spread of germs. Using such sneeze guard tables demonstrate the school’s commitment in going the extra length to ensure the safety of students.