Custom Restaurant Safety Signs

Ensure Safe Dining with Custom Restaurant Safety Signs in Kuwait!

In a world still coming to terms with the aftermath of the Covid pandemic, restaurant businesses are slowly making a comeback to serve customers and patrons again. But merely reopening the doors and welcoming visitors is not enough. To ensure the well-being of their customers and staff, it is essential for restaurants to adhere to all official guidelines and equip the premises with the required safety signs and signages. These custom safety signs will help spread awareness about the precautions needed to avoid the spread of infection and create a safe dining experience for the customers.

Studies and anecdotal evidence have shown that the risk of Covid infection aggravates in a closed environment like a restaurant, if the proper sanitization measures and health protocols are not observed. Using customized safety signs and signages remedies this problem to a significant extent, as it communicates the best practices to maintain a safe and healthy environment.

To help restaurants, cafes and other eateries in Kuwait implement the best awareness and safety solutions for their business, Al-Hafiz co. offers an extensive range of custom signages, graphics, banners and sanitizers at the most competitive prices. Here’s a lowdown of all the services offered:

Safety Instruction banners for Restaurant

Custom printed and branded safety instruction banners, made to the highest quality standards, are the perfect accompaniment to any restaurant. They deliver a clear and simple message, perfectly suited to promote the brand and deliver safety awareness messages.

From food hygiene to safety of customers, these banners communicate the measures needed to keep your guests healthy and happy. A custom safety sign is also the most efficient way to reinforce the well-being of the staff, so people can rest assured no stone is being left unturned for health and safety.

 Keep Distance floor graphics for Restaurant

Keep Distance floor graphics convey important information for customers and staff to maintain a safe distance in the restaurant premises. These vibrant, colorful graphics are easy-to-spot, are highly durable and can be easily stuck on flat surfaces like concrete, tile and granite. You can get these ‘keep distancing’ floor graphics in various pre-printed customized designs as per your branding needs.

 Social Distancing instruction posters for Restaurant

Social distancing instruction posters essentially play the same role as ‘keep distance’ floor graphics but are more information-driven. These posters are installed at all strategic points like entrance, exit, reception and the ordering area. A term that has become popular in the times of Covid, ‘social distancing’ instruction posters stress on the importance of observing a safe distance from each other to minimize the spread of infection. These posters can provide details about the benefits of social distancing and how customers can help create a healthy environment that’s compliant with the local rules.

Hand sanitizers for Restaurant

In the context of restaurants and food establishments, hand sanitizers are commonly used to reduce the risk of transmission of harmful bacteria. It is a crucial step in a restaurant kitchen that contributes to maintaining safe and sanitary conditions for food preparation.

The use of a hand sanitizer is an effective way to reduce the risk of foodborne illness that may be transmitted from contaminated hands. Hand hygiene is one of the most cost-effective measures in preventing health care-associated infections among healthcare workers and in reducing the incidence, duration, and severity of these infections among patients.

In addition, studies have shown that using a hand sanitizer can help prevent transmission of bacteria between people when shaking hands or holding hands for prolonged periods. It is strongly recommended to get hand sanitizer dispensers installed at the entrance, near the dining areas and in the washrooms.

Covid-19 safety guidelines signage for Restaurant

 To ensure the safety and sanitation of restaurant premises, Al-Hafiz co. offers customized Covid-19 safety signages and banners with QR code stickers and emergency numbers. These innovative and unique safety signs are easy to install, easy to use, available in multiple shapes and sizes, and are suitable for indoor or outdoor locations. Each custom safety sign can be installed at the restaurant entrances or anywhere inside the premises, and provide detailed instructions on the dos and don’ts needed for Covid-19 safety.