6 Back to School Gift Ideas for Teachers and Students in Kuwait

Back to School Gift Ideas for Teachers and Students in Kuwait

Schools in Kuwait are set to reopen on October 23 and it’s only proper that students and teachers are welcomed in a warm, joyous manner that excites and encourages them. One of the best ways to do this is by getting them some unique and useful back to school gifts. In the end, the perseverance of not interacting in the classroom setting and using online communication due to the Covid restrictions should be rewarded accordingly.

There are many back-to-school gift ideas you can consider to show your appreciation for teachers and students. If you are confused which one would be the best option, Al-Hafiz co. offers a wide range of top-quality gifts designed to creative perfection that will elate the receiver.

Some of these gifts are described below:

#6 Back to School Custom Printed T-Shirts

Custom printed T-shirts are crucial for back to school. They are a student’s representation of themselves, and can be their only branded item. Students are eager to show their school pride with custom logo T-shirts by wearing them to homecoming or sporting events. Teenagers want to make sure they stand out on the first day of high school with custom printed shirts.

Custom t-shirts give kids an opportunity to express themselves and put off a good impression. They’re also a way to share memories and legacy through cherished phrases and designs.

#5 Customized Pen Holder for Teachers

Custom pen holders are a useful tool for teachers as they are beneficial in both the classroom and at home. For instance, it provides a safe place for the pens and pencils to be stored. Some of them also have removable compartments which make them easy to organize and find the items that you need. They can also be used as a decoration on desks, lecterns or other surfaces in classrooms.

#4 Back to School Sublimation Water Bottle

A sublimation water bottle is a beautifully designed product that offers a unique spin on the use of water bottles. The bottle will not sweat from condensation like other materials would do in hot weather, and it is easier to clean than stainless steel or glass water bottles.

This type of drinkware is often used by people who want something that will keep them hydrated in any environment due to their ability to insulate both hot and cold beverage. As a back-to-school gift idea for students you can never go wrong with a beautifully printed sublimation water bottle.

#3 Acrylic Badges for Students

Personalized acrylic badges for students serve more than one purpose at schools. They give students a chance to represent the school spirit by flaunting these badges and can also be used to monitor students, track their attendance and helps in areas of security and access control for school authorities.

#2 Back-to-School Stickers and Labels

Labels and stickers are not just a decoration. They make the environment more homely and welcoming for students. While returning back to school, one can create a zestier atmosphere for students by greeting them with various labels and stickers that can be used on their personal items as well as desks and or lockers. Students especially in the junior classes will greatly appreciate these customized stickers and eagerly use it for various purposes.

#1 Sublimation Mug for Teacher

One of the best back-to-school gifts you can give a teacher is a high-quality sublimation mug with their name on it. Mugs are easy to find and can be personalized by printing the teacher’s name or initials on it. These mugs come in several different styles including coffee cups, travel mugs, or even travel tumblers for teachers who are more active.