Must-Have Interior and Exterior Signages for Schools in Kuwait

Must-Have Interior and Exterior Signages for Schools in Kuwait

Many schools use signages as a way to make their students more aware of the various rules, regulations and activities they may be interested in. These interior and exterior signage’s are used at different areas around the school premises, including classrooms, hallways, bathrooms, gymnasium, auditoriums, laboratories as well as at entrances, exits, playing ground and assembly areas.

Such signs provide important directions and crucial details to students as well as teachers. The details can be basic information about the school, rules and regulations, hours of operation, contact numbers of authorities, safety signs and more. Additionally, they help keep the school grounds and building safe by showing the public where to go, and where to avoid.

To address all requirements for such interior and signages for schools, Al-Hafiz co. provides customized options to help schools in Kuwait prepare and reopen following the lockdown. Here are some signs you should consider:

Customized Wall Graphics for Schools

The use of customized wall graphics has increased due to their versatility and affordability. They can be produced as stand-alone pieces or custom designed to fit in with the interior decoration of an institution.

Wall graphics for schools are used widely because they not only look chic but also create a great atmosphere that encourages students to interact with each other as well as with their surroundings. Apart from displaying information and directions in a bright and colorful manner, these graphics enliven the learning space, creating an encouraging and invigorating environment for students.

 Customized Metal Safety Sign for Classrooms

Metal safety signs are an important way to make sure that children are safe and secure in classrooms. Metal signs customized for classrooms can be used to display fire drills, break-in drills, or other warning signs. The sign is typically made of shiny steel or aluminum and is available in a variety of sizes. These metal safety signs come with pre-drilled holes so that they can be mounted on the wall in an instant.

 Hand Washing Signs for Schools

Hand-washing signs at schools remind students to wash their hands after going to the bathroom, before having lunch, after using laboratory equipment or in general. This helps prevent the spread of germs and prevents various diseases. Hand-washing signs are a good reminder for students as well as teachers to maintain proper hygiene and follow the safety protocols mandated by the authorities.

 School Parking Signs

Parking signs are usually placed near the entrance of a building so visitors know how many spaces there are left before they reach their destination. These signs may have different designs depending upon whether the visitor will park their car in front of the main door or if they will enter through another exit. School parking signs also help segregate the areas for staff personal vehicles, school buses, helping maintain order at all times.

 Laser Engraved Room Numbers for Classrooms

 Laser engraved room numbers are a better alternative to the traditional method of room numbers. Room numbers can become a matter of concern for school authorities. They want to make sure these numbers are in order and easily visible to all. Laser engraving solves these problems by making sure that the numbers are etched in a way so they can be seen from a distance by students and teachers alike.

 School Playground Signs

School playground signs are a way for schools to keep parents informed of their plans for recreational safety. These signs are typically found inside and outside the playgrounds, providing directions for gymnasium, swimming pool, playing rooms and more. A set of guidelines are also conveyed through these signs, detailing the dos and don’t’s necessary for the safety of students.