Awesome Gifts for Teachers

Awesome Gifts for Teachers

Teaching is considered one of the most respected and noble professions. Teachers have a special stature in every religion and society. Islam gives the highest rank to the person who teaches. Teacher is given the rank of second parent in Islam who imparts knowledge, good values and encourages the students to strive for greatness.

Teacher’s day comes once every year but do you think one day is enough to appreciate and acknowledge a person who is selfless and dedicated throughout the year? No is the answer. One day is definitely not enough. Although all teachers play their role in the lives of children but few leave a special mark through their love and bonding. I have seen children of all ages talking about that one special teacher they adore and can’t wait to meet next day.

Whether it is end or start of the academic year, teachers should be appreciated through thoughtful gestures. A whole year of hard work and dedication should be acknowledged with kind words and meaningful gifts.

Alhafiz Co. offers best customization services in Kuwait. We, under one roof, provide customization of all kinds of gift items. With the use of modern equipment and techniques printing on anything has become possible. Appreciate your teachers and say “thank you” in a special way with Alhafiz Co. Here is a list of few items that you can buy for your child’s teacher or your own teacher and tell them how grateful you are for their efforts.

  • Personalized Mugs: The life of a teacher is hectic and tiring and they surely need coffee or tea from time to time. A personalized coffee mug is an excellent gift for teachers. Get a special quote or thank you message printed on the mug.
  • Personalized Teacher Planner & Diaries: Keeping records of curricular and extra-curricular activities, execution of daily tasks, planning lessons and many other things need to be written down by teachers on daily basis. Personalized teacher planner will be well received by any teacher. Get customized teacher planners with calendar pages, weekly planning pages and pages for special notes from Alhafiz Co. Name of the teacher and class can also be printed on the front cover using jaw dropping printing techniques.
  • Personalized Water Bottles: Whole day of a teacher is spent walking in corridors and going from one class to another. They surely can get dehydrated. Giving a personalized water bottle will not only be considered thoughtful, it will also help him/her stay hydrated throughout the day. Get full color printed water bottles for your teachers from Alhafiz co.
  • Customized paper Weights: It doesn’t take big and expensive gifts to please a teacher. Simple and meaningful things can make an impression that big things cannot. Paper weight is a small thing but holds value. A teacher’s desk is incomplete without a paperweight to keep the assignments in a place. Get customized acrylic paper weights with inspiring quotes and any text from Alhafiz Co.
  • Customized Pen & Pen Holder/Stand: Who can know the value of a pen better than a teacher? Get custom printed pen with teacher’s name and pen holder/organizer to show gratitude. Alhafiz Co. has a huge variety of premium quality pens with boxes. Silkscreen printing, laser marking and Full color UV printing can be used to print any text on pens to make them extra special.
  • Personalized Power Bank & Mobile Covers: Depending on the personality of the teacher you are buying for, personalized power banks and mobile covers are good choices for tech-teachers.
  • Laptop Branding: If you are ready to spend money, laptop with personalized branding is a smart gift choice for college and university professors. They will be appreciative of mindfulness.

Schools started just a month ago and it is never too late to say thanks to the teachers who are spending time and energies to turn the children into better human beings. Visit our website for trending products and services for back to school and teacher gifts.

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