Items a Company Need for a New Employee

Items a Company Need for a New Employee

Whether it’s your first job or switching from one job to another, first day is always overwhelming. Getting on board, learning new responsibilities, rules and regulations can be mind boggling. It is not easy to get along with co-workers and employers but if you are determined and hardworking, you can win all in no time.

Just as an overly anxious person prepares for his first day at a new job, the company also prepares for his/her joining. Besides job responsibilities, there are a few things that a new employee will require on first day of job. Few are listed below:

  • Employee Badge: New employee at any company will require a personalized name badge. Alhafiz Co. has a huge variety of Acrylic badges with button and magnet closure, laser engraved aluminum badges, epoxy printed metal badges with customized employee and company name.
  • Personalized Name Plate: Personalized Nameplate for the employee cubicle or room with his/her designation is another item that the company needs to get made on the first day of new employee.
  • Customized Diary & Notepad: A new employee will also require a diary and notepad for note taking and writing schedule of meetings and appointments.
  • Branded Laptop: A branded laptop might look over the top, but it will be considered a thoughtful gesture. A branded laptop with a company employee will also the serve the purpose of marketing tool as it will take your company’s name to different near and far places. Alhafiz Co. offers great quality laptop stickers for branding purposes.
  • Customized Apparel: If your company has a particular uniform for the employees, they will be recognized and will be immediately associated to your company. Customized uniforms usually have embroidered or printed logos and company name. Alhafiz Co. offers excellent quality customization services for corporate apparel. We can procure caps, T-shirts, and hoodies in different colors and get them customized according the requirement.
  • Customized Mouse Pad & Lanyard: Most corporate companies usually get mouse pads and lanyards either when they start the company or as per requirement. A Custom printed mouse pad and lanyard will also be needed for a new employee.
  • Customized ID Card: Identification is the first part of entering any corporate building. ID card has the basic information of the employee which includes his photograph, name, designation, department he works for, issuance and expiry dates etc. Alhafiz Co. offers best quality plastic ID cards for company employees, students, law enforcement companies etc.
  • Customized Stationary: Custom printed pens, pen organizer, visiting card holder, paperweight and table calendar are few items that are essential items for any employee’s desk. Alhafiz Co. being one-stop shop offers great quality customized stationery to clients in Kuwait and its surrounding areas.

Alhafiz Co. tries to help companies make a great impression on the new employee with customized products. We will make sure that your new employee feels welcomed and comfortable on his/her first day. If you are starting a new business and looking for personalized products for all the newly hired employees, or just filling an open vacancy, we can help you fill your inventory with premium quality personalized products that will define you and your company.

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