Best Exterior Signs for Retail Outlets

Best Exterior Signs for Retail Outlets

What is the first thing you notice whenever you visit a market, mall or tradeshow? Signboard is the answer. Every company, business or brand puts up a signboard for introduction and recognition. Exterior signs are the first contact between a company and its clients. They make the first impression on prospective customers. Outdoor or exterior signs need to be attractive to get noticed. Exterior signs with readable text, bright colors lights will catch the eye of customers in no time. People recognize their favorite stores through their signboards. The more clearly the message displayed on signboard, the more compelling it will be.

Alhafiz Co. is one of the leading manufacturers of exterior and interior signage in Kuwait. We design, manufacture and install outdoor signs for shops, stores and retail outlets. Our signs are made with premium quality raw material. The range of our exterior and storefront signs includes:

  • Back Lit LED signs
  • Front Lit LED signs
  • ACP boards with acrylic letters
  • Adhesive vinyl window wraps
  • 3D embossed channel letters
  • Flex light box signs
  • Metallic 3D letter signs
  • Acrylic laser cut signboards
  • Signboards with copper logo and letters
  • Blade signs
  • Flex lightbox blade signs
  • Neon signboards with cover letters
  • Front and backlit 3D embossed letter signs

Attractive and comprehensive exterior signs play a vital role in attracting customers and boosting sales. Client/customer should feel compelled to visit the store and this can only happen if exterior signs are captivating and inviting. Exterior and storefront signs should represent the brand and business in the best possible ways.

Exterior signs manufactured by Alhafiz Co. are designed keeping in mind customer requirement and kind of business they are into. Our signs will help your products and services stand out and speak for you.

Here are a few design guidelines for designing effective exterior signs:

  • Don’t go into minor details. The more specific your message is the more effective it will be. Clear and straightforward information is more impressive than stories.
  • Think outside the box but stay simple. Play around theme colors of the company/brand.
  • Use clear font and text. The message should be readable for clients and customers.
  • Use lights for clear night time visibility. Front lit or back lit signs make an excellent impression on customers.
  • Play with latest technology. Moving text signs are attractive and engaging.
  • Whatever medium or material you are using for exterior signs, it should attract clients because this is your major goal.

Alhafiz Co offers manufacture, installation and after sale services of all kinds of signboards. You get to create attractive and engaging retail signage with us. Kids clothing or toy store, clothing stores for men and women, mobile shops, grocery store, jewelry or makeup stores, retail stores, public and private sector organizations can get their exterior signs made with the guarantee of material and quality. Our signage center is fully equipped with modern machinery for fabrication of superior quality exterior signs. Visit our website to view the range of services and products offered by Alhafiz Co.

We proudly call our exterior signs “Signs that help you Shine Bright”.

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