Large Format Printing

Large Format Printing – The Bigger Picture

Printing any document at home or office has become a task of few seconds. Just open the required file, press “print” and there you go, print one copy or as many as the printer cartridges allow. Only negative point is that you cannot print large scale documents on regular printers. Large format printing or wide format printing is used for printing “the bigger picture”. Large format printing is used usually for commercial purposes but there are several other places where people may require contacting businesses offering printing on a larger format.

Alhafiz Co. with experience of over three decades and a team of highly qualified and knowledgeable people caters to diverse needs of brands and businesses in Kuwait. We take up the tasks that a regular print shop cannot execute. Large format printing is offered as part of regular printing services at Alhafiz Co.

  • Flags & Banners: Alhafiz Co. offers large format printing of flags and banners. Whether it is a corporate event, school/college event, national day celebrations or cultural/religious occasions, we offer customized printing of flags and banners in sizes and dimensions that a regular printer cannot print. Backdrop banners, step and repeat banners, roll up and pop up banners, large format flags and flex banners are custom printed at our print center.
  • Canvas Printing: Bland and boring walls can be made to look attractive and fun with just a little effort. Put a big family photo, landscape or stock image printed on canvas and let it speak for itself. Alhafiz Co. not only offers canvas printing in bigger than normal sizes but also large format printing of photos and images.
  • Sticker Printing: Stickers are an essential part of branding. There are several utilizations of stickers but when we talk about large format printing stickers usually don’t come to mind. But large format stickers can play a significant role in brand promotion.

Alhafiz Co. offers large format printing of stickers

  • Complete or partial window/building wrap
  • Vinyl wall graphics
  • Stickers for escalators and stairs
  • Wall wraps
  • Customized Hoarding stickers
  • Adhesive floor graphics
  • Frosted glass vinyl stickers
  • Corporate wall branding stickers

The bigger the sticker, the more impact it will have.

  • Wallpaper Printing: Wallpaper has the ability to change the whole look and mood of any place. They can be used for decorative and commercial purposes. Wallpaper printing comes under large format printing as printing is done on a roll of paper larger in length and width than a regular paper. Alhafiz Co. offers wallpaper printing in high quality and competitive rates. Whether you are looking for customized wallpaper for home interiors or wallpaper with corporate branding for commercial use, we offer both in exceptionally good quality.
  • Map Printing: Since maps are printed details of geographical areas, they require larger paper dimensions for printing. Alhafiz Co. offers map printing service for general and specialized requirements. Travel and transportation maps, industrial maps, architectural drawings and maps are printed keeping in mind international standards.

Large format printing requires specialized equipment and workers with hands-on experience to accomplish the printing tasks professionally and accurately. Alhafiz Co. understands the industry requirements and modern trends and tries to keep up with demands of clients and customers.

Visit our website or call us for any queries regarding large format printing.

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