Laser Engraving

Laser Engraving – An Artful Technique

Making impression on an object using laser is called laser engraving. It is an artful technique to beautify objects without the use of inks. A laser beam, without getting in touch with the substrate, creates accurate and amazing images. It gives a carved look and you can feel the engraved surface. Laser has the ability to create intricate designs on any object. Wood, metal, certain types of plastic, acrylic, stone, leather and glass can be laser engraved to enhance their appearance.

Laser marking is another term that is quite similar to laser engraving, the only difference being the change of color due to heating. It looks like as if the engraved surface is filled with black color. It leaves the surface smooth to touch.

Alhafiz Co. offers premium quality customization of products using laser engraving and laser marking service. Below are a few of our specialty products that can be personalized using “the artful laser engraving” service:

Laser Engraving on Metal: Metal gives a crude and dull look. But the utilization of metal is inevitable. In order for metallic items to look lively and attractive, laser engraving can do the job effectively. Number plates, nameplates, industrial tags, machine tags, shields, industrial and surgical equipment, cutlery and decorative items can be laser engraved either to add beauty, information or turn it into a branded product. Promotional products and corporate gifts with company name and logo speak for themselves and if they are finished using laser engraving, the impact will be unmatched.

Laser Engraving on Wood: Laser engraving can create most intricate and delicate designs on variety of substrates. The versatility and uniqueness of laser engraved wooden products is exquisite. Laser cutting and engraving, if incorporated, can create jaw-dropping products. Laser engraved wooden shields, engraved wooden plaques, laser engraved wooden name plates, wooden tea coasters, photo frames, souvenirs, decorations, school supplies and laser engraved wooden interior and exterior signs are few of our best selling products. Since any image and text can be laser engraved on wooden products, brands and businesses prefer wooden engraved products for promotional purposes. Laser engraved designs and patterns can be color filled to add beauty and finesse.

Alhafiz Co. is a multi-faceted enterprise offering unrivaled customization services for past three decades. Through laser engraving and laser marking, we make it possible for our clients to engrave their memories on one-of-a-kind wooden and metallic pieces. Laser engraved gifts, laser engraved signs and labels and laser engraved items of décor can be made extra special through customization. Personal messages, favorite quotes, family photos, special dates, company emblem, logo and company name can be engraved with precision and accuracy.

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