Styrofoam Simple yet Versatile

Styrofoam – Simple yet Versatile

Styrofoam, polystyrene foam or blue board is a material most commonly used for packaging and insulation. This material is also used for making disposable cups and food packaging. This simple and delicate material is very versatile.

In this article, we will talk about usage of Styrofoam for crafting and décor. Alhafiz Co. tries to come up with ideas and materials that are cost effective and create impactful products. Styrofoam is one such product which is light weight and comparatively easier to handle. A CNC router is used to cut different shapes out of Styrofoam.

Here are a few applications of Styrofoam in different industries:

  • Decorative Items: Styrofoam can be cut into different 2D and 3D shapes to create items of decoration. Sculptures, architectural shapes, decorative cutouts for backdrops, decorative frames and cut out letters can be used for variety of purposes. Styrofoam decorative items can be used at school events, birthday parties and for interior decoration of children’s rooms. Styrofoam Cutout standees of different cartoon and movie characters can be made as part of party decorations.
  • Insulation and Packaging: Polystyrene foam is mainly used for packaging and insulation of fragile items. It is used for extra protection of items that can break easily and electronics. It can be made with different slots and pockets for securely placing small lose parts.
  • Disposable Coffee Mugs & Food Containers: Disposable mugs and food containers are great for serving food and beverages at trade shows and exhibitions. They are light weight and don’t take much storage space. Disposable mugs and food containers can be customized using printing company name and logo or by putting printed stickers.
  • Miscellaneous Shapes: Styrofoam can be cut into different shapes and used as learning aids in the class room. Basic shapes like circle, square, star, heart and triangle can be used for teaching shapes to children in junior years. 2D and 3D educational models can be made out of Styrofoam for detailed teaching and learning experience.

At Alhafiz Co. we use technologically advanced equipment to model Styrofoam into any given shape with accuracy. From conception of idea to its execution, we guarantee complete customer satisfaction. Printing is not feasible on Styrofoam, hence we offer custom printed stickers that can be pasted on styrofoam shapes.

Browse our website to view what we can do with styrofoam and how we can help you in getting perfect shapes out of this versatile material. Request a quote through our website or call us for any query.

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