Make a Lasting Impression with New Year Cards

Make a Lasting Impression with New Year Cards

Oct 20, 2018 Copy Center by admin

Planning for New Year not always require detailed attention. Smallest gestures can make huge differences. Cards are an excellent way to communicate sentiments of joy, health, prosperity and contentment. New Year is that time of the year when you can get in touch with friends and family. If you cannot physically visit them, New Year cards are a great way to reach out to them. Corporate New Year cards can be sent to clients, employees and associates for building strong corporate relations. Here is how you can make a lasting impression with New Year Cards:

  • Sending actual cards made out of paper in this era of virtual greetings via email or WhatsApp messages is a thoughtful gesture.
  • Corporate New Year cards are a proof that you are professional and want to build a serious business relationship.
  • Corporate New Year cards are perfect for networking.
  • Being direct mail vehicles, New Year greeting cards can increase customer base and boost sales.
  • Intricately designed greeting cards for New Year will make a legit impression on customers and associates.
  • New Year cards are a great way to show gratitude and convey good wishes for the coming year

People receive dozens of corporate greeting cards each year and they mostly end up in trash. If you want your greeting card to be read and kept, there are a few things you should consider while designing a card:

Personalization: Personalization makes a card unique and one-of-its-kind. Cards can be personalized in terms of design and message with your company’s name and logo. Custom printed name of receiver with a personalized message will differentiate your company’s agenda from others. Message should be short, clear and meaningful. Personalized messages indicate that your company believes in one-to-one relationship with clients.

Uniqueness: It is easier to buy bulk greeting cards from a whole seller but they would lack uniqueness. Getting greeting cards designed will need time but will make a memorable impression on clients. Laser paper engraving and cutting are techniques that can make an actual difference in the looks and impression of a New Year greeting card. Embossing and golden/silver foil stamping can be incorporated for style and finesse.

Don’t Miss Anyone:

Make a list of receivers well in time before the New Year. Include everyone in the list. Senior executive staff members, junior staff, helpers, friends, family members, colleagues, associates and employees, wish everyone a Happy New Year.

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Customized greeting cards have a tendency to make a lasting impression if they are designed and sent with love. There are lots of marketing strategies to boost sales but the best are those which revolve around building stronger interpersonal relations especially with clients.

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