Great Ideas to Engage Customers during a Tradeshow

5 Great Ideas to Engage Customers during a Tradeshow/Exhibition

Trade shows and exhibitions are fun places to visit. You get to see latest industry trends, wide variety of products from different manufacturing companies and new advancements in technology. Food and games are added plus of exhibitions and trade shows. Trade shows offer a platform for networking, meeting like-minded people and are a great place for making a social presence for upcoming brands and businesses.

If you are a business owner or having a brand of your own, you must have thought about becoming part of a trade show. It is easy to get registered and occupy a nice slot in the exhibitions but how to stand out among hundreds of other businesses is tricky. You need to come up with unique ideas to grab attention of potential customers. Here is how you can do that:

  • Look Attractive: Imagine entering an exhibition venue where there are hundreds of stalls and booths, where will you go first? Either the one that interests you or the one that looks interesting. Make good use of colors and lights to set up your exhibition booth. The more colorful and lit it looks, the more it will grab attention. You can also use LED lighting and custom Neon light installations to engage customers.
  • Infuse Technology: You cannot negate the value of print marketing and advertisement, but in order to catch the eye of people on a trade show you need to infuse digital screens to showcase the products and services you offer. Digital screens are dynamic, vibrant and attractive. Alhafiz Co. manufactures great quality LED display stands to help you attract maximum visitors in an exhibition.
  • Offer Functional Giveaways: Promotional giveaways are an essential part of exhibition. You will see people handing out all kinds of stuff as giveaways which mostly end up in trash. Giveaway items should be functional and fun. Some good options are customized key chains, diaries, pocket calendars, pens, customized coffee mugs, customized T-shirts, customized caps, USB flash drives, headphones, traveling chargers, power banks Alhafiz Co. offers premium quality customization services for all kinds of giveaway items in Kuwait.
  • Offer Food & Drinks: People get hungry and thirsty easily in exhibitions. Free water bottles and snacks will surely tempt them to make a quick stop at your booth. Make sure to add a customized sticker or customized label having company name and logo on water bottles and snack packs and hand over your business card and flyer.
  • Photo Booth: Photo booth grabs instant attention no matter where it is installed. People love to take photographs and selfies when they are out and about. Photo booths are fun and engaging and will make attendees sometime at your booth. You can get wooden and acrylic photo booths custom manufactured from Alhafiz Co. Incorporate a trending theme or create something entirely unique to grab maximum attention.

Alhafiz Co. specializes in designing and manufacturing of premium quality custom built exhibition display stands, display booths, trade show display banner and pop up stands, exhibition signage, backdrop banners and LED display stands. Stand out in your next exhibition with our customized products and services and get maximum engagement.

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