5 characteristics of an exterior sign that gets noticed instantly

5 characteristics of an exterior sign that gets noticed instantly

Starting a business is quite intimidating. In order for any business to flourish and thrive, Interior and exterior signs are of great significance. Exterior signs tell people about your business. They are your first introduction to the outer world. They help you make your first impression. Your exterior signs distinguish you from other brands and businesses. They are your identification.

There are several kinds of exterior signs but few will help you get noticed instantly. Here is how:

  1. Bright Colored Exterior Signs: Exterior signs mostly carry the name of brand and business, the logo and basic product and service information. Vibrant and bright colors are quickly notices wherever they are displayed. Try incorporating your company’s theme colors for instant recognition and identification. Acrylic letter signboards can be made in variety of colors to match your theme and brand identity. Alhafiz Co. specializes in manufacturing of excellent quality acrylic sign boards with push through letters and 3D embossed acrylic letter signboards.
  2. Big & Bold Exterior Signs: The bigger the exterior signs the better they look and get noticed immediately. Big and bold exterior signs are easily seen and read. If you want to stand out, go big. Alhafiz Co. offers designing, manufacturing and installation of all kinds of exterior signs in Kuwait. We help you design signboards in custom dimensions for open and limited spaces.
  3. Exterior Signs with Read-able Font: The text should be readable and it all depends on kind of font used. You need to convey full information in first glance through your exterior sign. The more crisp and vivid the text, the better it will look. Try using bright contrast colors of font against a lighter background so they pop up and are easily readable even from a distance.
  4. Illuminated Exterior Signs: Exterior signs should not be made for day time only. Why miss 12 hours of night time when you can use that time for your benefit. Illuminated signs come in variety of styles. Use the one that is more attractive and easy on eyes. Alhafiz Co. offers wide variety of illuminated signs in Kuwait. Our range includes LED signs, Front Lit Signs, Back Lit Signs, Neon signboards, Acrylic signboards with Neon Illuminated borders and Flex Light Boxes.
  5. Unique Exterior Signs: If you want to get noticed quickly, being quirky is a smart way. Distinctive logos and company names are easy to remember and recognize. Don’t opt for regular rectangular signboards; go for peculiar shaped signboards that go with the theme and identity of your brand and business. A big letter or character shaped signboard is better than lots of text on a regular signboard. Alhafiz Co. manufactures custom signboards of all kinds and offers you the one best suited for your business.

Give us a call, browse our official website or pay us a visit to get detailed orientation on commercial exterior signs, store front signs, LED signs, customized indoor and outdoor illuminated and non-illuminated signs. We guarantee that our exterior signs will help people notice you!

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