Best Digital Photo Printing Services in Kuwait

Best Digital Photo Printing Services in Kuwait

Taking photos, getting their printouts and putting them in albums seem like a story of past times. Usually a photographer was hired on special occasions; limited number of photos was taken trying to avoid re-takes and giving best expressions in the first go. Starting with point and shoot cameras to digital cameras and now cameras in mobile phones has totally changed the concept of photo taking. Taking photos is not limited to family photos anymore. There are several areas where you need to take professional photographs and get them printed for variety of reasons. Digital photo printing involves specialized laser printers that use four colors (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black) CMYK to print unlimited possibilities of colors. The results obtained are amazing regarding quality and are worth framing.

Digital Photo Printing:

Alhafiz Co. offers premium digital photo printing services in Kuwait. Our range of photo printing is not limited to personal or family photograph printing. Our digital photo printing center offers photo printing of:

  • Portraits: personal portrait printing, family photograph printing
  • Photos for Official Use: Passport sized photograph printing, photograph printing for school/college/university ID cards, Corporate ID cards
  • Wedding/Birthday Photographs and high quality photo album printing
  • Product Photographs: printing of product photographs for brands and businesses
  • Photo printing of school/college/university event photographs, convocation photographs, photographs of sports events
  • Printing of modeling photographs for portfolio
  • Printing of engineering, construction and architectural photographs
  • Photo printing of corporate event, conference and seminar photographs
  • Photo printing of real estate and construction site photographs
  • Photo printing of corporate, executive, business headshots & Portraits

Digital printing at Alhafiz copy center is not limited to photographs. We have the equipment and experience of printing photographs, promotional material, drawings and all kinds of documents.

Digital Printing of Promotional Material:

Alhafiz Co. offers excellent quality designing and printing of promotional material for Kuwait based brands and businesses. The range of printing services we offer include digital printing of

Digital Prints Transferred on Fabric:

Modern digital printers can print equally well on paper and fabric, although the process of printing on fabric is not direct. Digital prints are transferred on fabric through heat transfer method. Fabric printing makes it possible to use fabric for variety of domestic and corporate requirements. Whether fabric is required to match a certain theme or for promotional purposes, Alhafiz Co. has solutions for all kinds of requirements. You can use customized fabric for making cushions, sofa covers, curtains or bed sheets. Printing on fabric is offered to businesses for following requirements:

  • Digital corporate images can be transferred on fabric of office chairs
  • Digital printed table top flags, pole flags, beach flags and banners
  • Large format flags and banners

Alhafiz Co. offers multitude of services for variety of requirements in Kuwait. Digital printing is the best way of printing for short run and large volume/bulk printing. We guarantee best quality and competitive rates in Kuwait.

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