The Art of Photo Transfer on Wood

The art of photo transfer on wood

The Art of Photo Transfer on Wood

Wood has several other uses besides burning and making furniture. If we study the history of printing, we find usage of wood in different ways. Intricate patterns and designs were carved on wooden blocks for block printing. Printing on wood is a rather new phenomenon. Although it is not direct printing, several methods have been devised to transfer images and text on wooden base.

Alhafiz Co. offers innovative and unique services to Kuwait based clientele. We try to come up with ideas and products that help you stand out from the crowd. Whether you want our services for personal use or corporate purposes, we offer tailored services keeping in mind your requirement, theme, budget and timeline.

Wood is a natural and organic substrate. Products of everyday use and décor can be made out of wood. Carving and engraving methods are used to beautify wooden products.

Art of Photo Transfer on Wood by Alhafiz Co.

Photos can be transferred on wood through various methods and techniques. Alhafiz Co. offers customization of wooden products through photo sticking method. It’s easier and less expensive than any other method of photo transfer. Amazing results can be achieved with photo sticking on wood. Here are a few ideas where you can avail photo sticking on wood service by Alhafiz Co.

  • Wooden Wall and Table Clock: If you are looking for a wall/table clock to go with your kid’s bedroom theme, photo sticking on wood can help.

Digital printed photos can be pasted on wooden clock base to match any theme. Photos can be pasted on clocks for home as well as corporate purposes where company name and logo can be used instead of images.

  • Photo Frames: We all have several kinds of photo frames or frames photos but sticking photos on wooden base is unusual. Wood cut in the same size as photo with carved edges will make a great wall hanging or can be placed on cornice. Alhafiz Co. offers wood engraving service to create jaw dropping products. Wooden bases are available in lighter and darker shades for excellent contrast. Visit Alhafiz Co. and get your photos pasted on wooden frames.  
  • Wooden Tea Coasters: Tea coasters are great utility items for homes and offices. Photos, images and text printed on any kind of paper can be pasted on wooden tea coasters to make them look one-of-a-kind. Tea Coasters with company name, logo and corporate images can be handed out as giveaways. Get best wooden tea coasters in Kuwait from Alhafiz Co.
  • Wooden Name Plates & Fridge Magnets: Photo pasting on wood makes it easier to transfer images on any size of object. Name plates for offices can be customized using name and designation printed on paper and pasted on wooden base. Engraving can be done to give detailing. Wooden fridge magnets with family photos, favorite quotes and personalized messages can be made using this method. For top quality wooden nameplates and fridge magnets in Kuwait, visit Alhafiz Co.
  • Photo Sticking on Wooden Wardrobes: Photos can be transferred on wood as stickers and decals. Stickers printed in variety of sizes, shapes and patterns can be used to stick on wooden wardrobes in kids’ rooms to match themes. Order themed stickers and decals to be pasted on wooden cupboards and wardrobes in Kuwait from Alhafiz Co.

Visit Alhafiz Co or browse user-friendly website and request a quote right away!!

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