Customize Acrylic and Glass Products using Sandblasting Service in Kuwait

Sandblasting Service in Kuwait

Customize Acrylic and Glass Products using Sandblasting Service in Kuwait

Sandblasting, sand carving and crystal blasting are techniques used to customize glass and acrylic products. Alhafiz Co offers premium quality customization services in Kuwait for multitude of requirements. Whether it is an item of personal use or you are looking for give way products for an upcoming exhibition or tradeshow, Alhafiz co. helps you customize acrylic and glass products using sandblasting service in Kuwait.

The ranges of products that can be customized using crystal blasting/sand carving service include:

  • Sandblasting on Fish Bowls: Instead of buying a full size aquarium, fish bowls not only look attractive but are also cost effective. A small bowl with a couple of gold fish will add life to any dull corner of the room. Whether you are buying fish bowl for your office, home or as promotional product, sandblasting service is the best there is to embed you company name and logo on the fish bowls. Best thing about sand blasting is the sophistication and finish it offers. Sandblasting is not an overpowering technique of customization like printing. It gives a sleek finish and elegance to the products.
  • Sandblasting on Glassware: Hotels, restaurants, clubs, corporate offices, government and private sector organizations need to maintain their distinctiveness and individuality. In order to do say, they need their company name and logo on everything they own. Glassware includes glasses of all sizes, types and shapes required by organizations for serving water and drinks. Alhafiz Co. imprints your company name and logo on glassware using best technique for glassware. Sandblasting service can be used to imprint company name, logo and emblem on glassware for office use and corporate gifting.
  • Sandblasting on Candle Holders: Glass candle holders make excellent giveaway item. They are functional and do not cost much. Alhafiz Co. offers customized candle holders for variety of purposes. Sandblasted candle holders can be used as event giveaways and personal gifts. Glass candle holders with names of bride and groom and event date make perfect gift for wedding, wedding anniversaries, graduation and retirement. Sandblasting can be used to print names, dates, logos and emblems glass and acrylic candle holders.
  • Sandblasting on Glass Souvenirs: Souvenirs make the best executive gifts. Whether it is friends visiting from other countries or you are going abroad, taking along souvenirs to share as gifts is a great idea. Portraits of famous national personalities and heroes, map of country, flags, motivational quotes, personal messages and corporate images can be custom sandblasted on glass souvenirs. Paired up with table top stands, glass souvenirs will surely be appreciated if given as gifts.
  • Sand Blasting on Shields: Top achievers and performers can be encouraged and motivated with shields. Glass shields look professional and sophisticated. Sandblasting service by Alhafiz Co. can be used to customize glass shields for students and employees.

To further explore the applications of sandblasting service and customize acrylic and glass products using sandblasting service in Kuwait pay us a visit. You can browse our website for a complete range of products and services offered by Alhafiz Co.