Customized Signage Solutions for Small to Large Businesses in Kuwait

Customized Signage Solutions for Small to Large Businesses in Kuwait

Customized Signage Solutions for Small to Large Businesses in Kuwait

Retail & Shop Signs Solutions: Signage can make a huge difference in the way a brand or business presents itself to its customers. In shopping malls and markets, you come across hundreds of signboards of different kinds. Retail and shop signs are used to not only introduce the business to the outside world but they are also an insignia of professionalism and legitimism. Alhafiz Co. specializes in designing, production and installation of premium quality retail and shop signs in Kuwait. Depending on the requirement and budget of the clients, we can manufacture illuminated, non-illuminated, acrylic, metal, wood and fabric signs.

Commercial Digital Signage

LED screens and digital signboards have replaced bland and boring signboards. This innovative technology can transform the entire look of the commercial space into engage and powerful retail setting. Alhafiz Co. manufactures commercial digital signage including programmable LED light signs for hotels, restaurants, healthcare and educational institutions, entertainment venues and corporate spaces.

Displays Signage for Conference & Exhibition

Conferences and exhibitions are events that need to make maximum impact in minimum time. Display signage for conferences and exhibition needs to be powerful, engaging and completely synched with the mission and vision of the brand and business. Alhafiz Co. is leading manufacturer of customized digital signage for tradeshows, conferences, seminars and exhibitions. Eye-catching graphics, vibrant colors and engaging content helps businesses grab attention in no time. Completely aligned with the brand’s message, Alhafiz Co. manufactures signs that are exceptionally durable and enhances viewing experience.

Custom Acrylic Wall Signs for Offices

Signage is as significant for the indoor as it is for the outdoors. The brand’s message should be consistent from the front wall to the inside spaces. Plain and boring interiors badly affect the credibility of the business. Alhafiz Co. helps brands and businesses transform their interior into engaging and colorful spaces that will not only inspire the visitors but will greatly effect employees and their productivity. A gleeful interior will surely boost the morale of the people working in the office. Custom acrylic wall signs for offices are created by Alhafiz Co. keeping in mind size of the rooms, utility and frequency of people visiting the space. Standoff signs, way finding signs, corporate images, project information signs, maps, and decorative wall art can be created as per requirement.

Education Sector Digital Signage

Educational institutions are often the most plain and simplest places. Digital signage can enhance visitor experience and create engagement effectively and efficiently. Digital wayfinding signs, digital notice boards, class and office name and number plates, digital welcome signs and exterior signage enable you to convey information seamlessly.

Digital Signage Solution for Banks

To keep up with the demands of rapidly involving industries, every sector needs to engage customers by hook or by crook. Banks, no matter how boring they may seem, cater to more or less thousands of customers in a day. In order to engage the customers and enhance the in-branch experience, digital signage comes in handy. With the introduction of online banking, traditional retail banking has been largely affected. Alhafiz Co. manufactures different kinds of digital signs for banks including digital branding and promotion, digital lobby signs and digital wayfinding signs.

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