Signages and their Uses

A Complete Guide to Signages and their Uses

The ultimate goal of any business is to share information, expand their brand presence and generate revenue. To achieve this, it is key to grab the eyeballs of potential customers by using different signages. Advertising has always been a key tool to market your business and signages play a crucial role in communicating your message to consumers – whether you are promoting an offer, launching a new product or announcing a sale.

There are different kinds of signages to cater to various business requirements. But the question arises – which one works the best for you?

With this detailed guide on different signages and their uses, we will help you make a more informed decision for your business and marketing needs.

What are the different types of signages?

Signages can be broadly segregated into the following categories:

Indoor signage: When you are featuring a sale, showcasing a new product or highlighting an upcoming event, indoor signages are a great, affordable way to go about it. You can display them at your business location so they are easily visible to passers-by and potential customers.

Outdoor signage: Using outdoor signages is an effective marketing strategy to increase customer footfall for your business. These signages are installed at strategic locations with very high visibility and are critical to generating important leads.

Persuasive signage: Many a times, you need to use business messaging that compels customers to engage with your brand e.g. visiting your website, sharing their contact details etc. A persuasive signboard with a catchy message helps you do that effectively.

Information signage: These signages are seen widely at events, malls and construction sites, and used for information purposes like finding directions, displaying brand names, showcasing menus and a lot more.  

These categories are further divided based on specific signage types. Let’s briefly describe each one of them:

Indoor or Interior Signages

Welcome signs: Every business establishment has a welcome sign that beckons people to step inside and have a look. It’s important that these signs are designed or printed in a unique, creative manner so as to create a sense of curiosity and wonderment for the average customer.

3D Wooden signs: Used widely as a brand and event promotional material, 3D wood signages attract eyeballs and immediately connect with customers and attendees. They are also great for clicking snaps and selfies!

Directional signs: When you are in charge of a large facility, you need to put up various directional signs so that people can easily find their way around.

Warning signs: There are many areas in a business space that are out of bounds for the average employee. Warning signs are aptly used to caution people about the same e.g. no smoking, fire safety, high-voltage, biohazards, and more.

Outdoor or Exterior Signages

Flex banners: Advertising banners or flex banners are pretty much the go-to option when it comes to outdoor promotions for marketing campaigns, at events and trade shows, and at high-traffic areas. They are durable and a cost-effective way to attract more customers.

LED/Neon Signboards: If your business mainly operates at night, then you can create a sense of awe and intrigue by using LED and neon signages. They look amazing and are easy to install.

POP displays: To create an immediate business impact, pop up displays with splashy, colorful graphics and catchy designs make them a preferred option at events and trade shows.

Vehicle stickers: When your aim is to increase your brand reach to as many customers as possible, using custom vehicle graphics and stickers can help you achieve the same at a pretty affordable cost.

Persuasive Signages

Banners, posters: The most tried and trusted ways to advertise your message across to customers is by using posters and banners of every hue. Whether you are exhibiting at an event or looking to market your products and services, you can make head turns and get people to look twice with catchy posters and banners having creative jingles and eye-popping colors.

Window graphics: A hippy, funny or heartfelt message at the window of your store is sure to grab the attention of onlookers and make them interested in what you have to offer. Window graphics are a smart and easy way to pique the curiosity of potential customers and can also add to the décor of your business.

Information Signages

Safety signs and decals: At industrial warehouses and at construction sites, safety signs are commonly used to caution workers about the risk involved due to the nature of work, and also to warn any visitors or passers-by.

Floor graphics: If you are short on space but want to advertise your business, floor graphics and stickers make for a great option. Their visual appeal makes them apt to provide directions as well as implement safety guidelines e.g. for COVID-19 social distancing.