Interior Signage

Interior Signage – Making Way finding Easier

Have you ever gotten lost within a building? Looking for a particular room in a corporate office or hospital building? If your answer is “No” then you must say thanks to interior signs.

Interior signs are as important as are exterior signs. Where exterior signs help people locate your business in a busy marketplace, interior signs help you reach your desired destination within a building.

Alhafiz Co. has the best selection of interior and exterior signs that are durable and trendy. The range of interior signs includes:

  • Welcome Signs: can be used in lobbies of banks, schools, colleges, universities, hospitals and hotels. Once people come inside the building, welcome signs are first thing they see. They need to be attractive and engaging for maximum impact. Moving text LED signs can serve the purpose in a smart manner.
  • Way finding Signs: They help you find a particular room, area or department within a building. Way finding interior signs can be mounted on wall, finger post signs and hung from the ceiling. They can more evidently be seen in train stations, airports, hotels, hospitals and shopping malls.
  • Door Signs: Interior signs are also mounted as name plates outside a room or office. Door signs can contain text including name and designation or signs and symbols as for washrooms and prayer rooms etc. They can be illuminated or non-illuminated and can also be made with interchangeable plates.
  • Indoor Display Signs: Indoor display signs can be put up for promoting a new product or seasonal sales. They add to the décor of the outlet and can be made interactive to enhance customer experience.
  • Safety and Prohibition Signs: These signs are used to alert the visitors about prospective danger. No smoking signs, do not use mobile phones, restricted area, no food/drink, no exit and no entry are a few examples of safety and prohibitions signs. They can be made as stickers, acrylic standoff signs or metallic signs.
  • Information Signs: These may include historical background or information about a place or product. They can be seen in museums and zoos etc.

At Alhafiz Co, we manufacture a wide variety of interior signs. Types of indoor signs include:

  • Acrylic Standoff signs
  • Pylon Signs
  • Acrylic Wayfinding & directional signs (Illuminated and non-illuminated)
  • Metallic signs
  • Corporate vinyl wall graphics
  • Wayfinding maps
  • Acrylic nameplates
  • Indoor interchangeable sign holders
  • Acrylic posters with metal standoffs

Interior signage service is one of the most sought after service offered by Alhafiz Co. Our indoor signs are creatively designed to match the surrounding and serve the purpose it is meant for. We can make interior signs for health care departments, hospitals, banks, schools and offices to name a few.

Visit our Website,  Signage Services to view the kind of interior signs we have made for our clients. Select any design and material and let our experts formulate the best possible deal for you keeping in mind your need, budget and time frame.

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