Acrylic Frame with Decor Screw in Kuwait

An acrylic frame is a decorative border used to frame pictures or posters. The frame can be either be mounted to the wall or placed on a desk. To mount the frame to the wall, a decor screw will need to be used. This screw has a rotating head that can turn right and left, which makes it easy to use when trying to get the right angle for placement with minimal effort.

Acrylic frames with decor screw are the perfect way to enhance visual interest in any space, especially to decorate a blank wall in your room. These frames are lightweight, durable and can be easily taken down and reassembled. They are also very easy to clean so you don’t have to worry about dust accumulating in the frame. Al-Hafiz co. provides mounted photo frames, picture frames for wall and customized wall mounted signages in this product range.