The Complete Safety List To Help Schools Adhere to Covid Guidelines

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on all aspects of our lives, but its impact is perhaps the most pronounced in the way it has affected the educational growth of children. According to the WHO, prolonged closure of schools can potentially reverse any educational gains and may also “limit children’s educational vocational opportunities as well as their social and emotional interactions and development.” The way forward is loud and clear. Virtual learning cannot possibly be a long-term substitute for in-person classrooms and interactions. It is important to re-open schools and prepare them in accordance with the COVID-19 safety guidelines mandated by the authorities.

To know what all a school could require in terms of compliance and adherence to public health measures, Al-Hafiz has prepared a comprehensive checklist of supplies and products you might need to support the COVID preparedness of schools in Kuwait. These protective measures include the use of awareness messages signages and customized banners to clearly communicate the need to observe to safety norms; use of hand sanitizers and masks for hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette; floor graphics and acrylic classroom partitions for physical distancing, and using various other COVID-19 signages, stickers and graphics for teachers, students and staff. Here is an exhaustive list of services schools can consider to adhere to COVID safety guidelines:

  • Handwashing instruction posters for school
  • covid19 safety guidelines signage for teacher
  • Covid19 safety guidelines signage for students
  • Covid19 safety guidelines Posters for students
  • Covid19 safety guidelines posters for teachers
  • Social Distancing instruction posters for school
  • Personalized schools Masks
  • Hand sanitizer for Schools in Kuwait
  • Floor graphics for Schools in Kuwait
  • Acrylic Classrooms partition
  • Awareness message Posters for school
  • Protective Sneeze Guard table for school
  • Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Stand for school
  • Foot Operated Hand Sanitizer for school
  • Social Distancing Vinyl Floor Stickers for school